Guerilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening

Excellent post with some GREAT links.

You need to be thinking like this with everything you do in regards to Preparedness.

Time is Short and the Stakes are High.



Be a Farmer!

H/T Bustednuckles


Instead of sitting around on your ass twisting your hands worrying about rising food cost and supply problems, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Choose to be a Self-Sufficient Farmer and Grow Your Own Food!

It’s Not as Hard as you think.

Secure your Future by Planting a Garden Today!



Meanwhile in New Zealand the Fight Continues…



The Fight Against Global Tyranny Continues and the MSM has absolutely NOTHING to say about it? Shocking.

This comes via a good kiwi friend of mine who tells me this is a grass roots movement being organized entirely via Social Media and Word of Mouth (which is why you won’t find any news about it).

Let’s all Join in and Support these Brave folks on July 23rd as they stand-up to Globo-Homo Tyranny! 🖕

No Farmers, No Food!