US Forces Train To Seize Airfields In Bulgaria

Interesting training footage from a couple of years ago with the 173rd spearheading the assault and 2ACR reinforcing to occupy: All military operations are centered around logistics- which in turn means they rely on airfields either for fixed wing or rotary wing operations. Every Combat Outpost, Forward Operating Base (FOB) and Logistics Support Area (LSA)…

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The End Result of Unchecked Liberalism

(WARNING: You might want to take something for your stomach before viewing this. It’s not for the feint of heart.)

For those of you that don’t understand the “Snowball” effect of Liberalism and Immorality in a society, take a look at what is happening in Europe.

This is America SOON if Drug LEGALIZATION and Drug TOLERANCE keeps snowballing.

The State willingly contributing to the DEATH of it’s own citizens.

Notice how these programs are always packaged in a “Public Health” or “For the Public Good” context?



Know Your Weapons: Hungarian 44M “Mace Thrower”

Hungarian Army: 44M “Mace Thrower”


I am always interested in Partisan warfare and weaponry and this one is amazing.

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UK: An immigrant raped more than 190 people

The TRUTH of multi-culturalism and diversity.👎

Reynhard Tambos Maruli Tua Sinaga (born 19 February 1983) is an Indonesian serial rapist who was convicted of 159 sex offences, including 136 rapes of young men committed in Manchester, England, between 2015 and 2017, where he was living as a mature student. He was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting 48 men during this period, 44 of whom he raped, although the police believe […]

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The “Model Immigrant”

So just to recap:

A “Model Immigrant” is one who comes to your country, murders your children, replaces them with three of his own children and has the State take care of them all with Welfare Benefits.

Got It?

And They Say “Replacement Migration” is just a “Far-Right Conspiracy Theory” that spreads Hate?

And Don’t think the muslims in Europe have a monopoly on “Replacement Migration” either…the same exact thing is happening in the United States.

Tens of Thousands of Central American and Mexican career criminals, (most of them three-time deportees or better) pour across the border and rape and murder innocent American men, women and children and then multiply like rabbits…all on the American taxpayer dime.

I think the only Hate being Spread is by these POS Murdering Immigrant invaders.

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The Tyler Wingate Murder and Racial Reality in America

Tyler Wingate came from an upstanding white liberal family from the upper-crust town of Berkley outside of Detroit. He foolishly believed that by moving into the third world, inner-city war zone that he could make some kind of “difference” by his misguided globalist belief of “We are all brothers despite our color.” Unfortunately, those very beliefs he lived by and espoused so strongly got him killed. A black thug beat him to death after a minor car accident while other black thugs watched.

Not surprisingly, things like this happen frequently, it’s just the MSM is silent about it because it ruins their “Trump’s America is Racist” narrative that BLACKS are always the Victims and WHITES always the Aggressors.

Ever hear about the story of Steven Utash?

Keep in mind this happened during the “Yes we Can” Obama reign, five years ago.

The fact of the matter folks is that BLACK ON WHITE CRIME in this country has been on a steady increase for the last decade, but you would never know it because of the Government’s very slick distraction campaign of filing Federal “Hate Crime” charges every time a black person is killed by a white, but NEVER the other way around.

One of the most heartbreaking examples of this fact is the story of Levi Cole Ellerbe.

Little Baby Levi was white and was kidnapped out of his home by three black crackheads and then burned to death in Louisiana.

Were “Hate Crime Charges” filed on these three Black drug addict Pieces of Human Filth? Nope.

But interestingly enough Obamas Lap Dog Attorney General Eric Holder attempted to file”Hate Crime”charges on George Zimmerman AFTER he was found NOT GUILTY in the self-defense shooting death of black thug Treyvon Martin in 2013. See how all this works?

Sadly, the misguided cultural and moral relativism bullshit that got Tyler Wingate stomped to death is RAMPANT among white liberals today thanks mostly to (SURPRISE!) white liberal parents and marxist, globalist Universities that pound it into their heads.

The two most prominent examples of this nonsense are the Rape and Murder of French Art Student Pippa Bacca in Turkey and the Murder of American’s Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan in Tajikistan.

All three of these people were killed by muslims. In fact in the case of Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, they were murdered by three members of ISIS, who broadcast their despicable deed in a video.

The sad fact remains that because of the illegal immigration INVASION in this country, incidents like the ones I described above will only increase twenty fold, right here in our own backyard.

As I predicted a while back, it’s not just poor and illiterate mexicans and central american gang members we have to worry about, but also diseased black african serial killers and middle-eastern jihadist muslims.

They are all coming by the thousands. Pouring across our southern border and then dispersing through our nation like a cancer infecting a host.

What happened to Europe and Great Britain over the last five years with the great “Jihad by MIgration” was a harbinger for America, but alas, we did not heed it, and so now we are “Reaping the Whirlwind” of our laziness and political corruption.

Yes we need to Build a Wall but more than that We need to:

  1.  DEPORT the ones that are here

  2.  ELIMINATE “Sanctuary Cities” which are nothing but criminal havens for illegals

  3.  CHANGE our antiquated and ridiculously inept Immigration Laws that allow six times deported Criminals to re-enter this country and rape and kill at will

Stand Tall Against the Rising Tide.

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WW2 History: 40 Facts about the Blitz

The Blitz Spirit – 75 years on!

‘WE CAN take it!’ That was the unofficial motto of the British people in 1940 as bombs began to rain down during the Second World War. To celebrate that iron resolve we reveal 40 fascinating facts about one of the most stirring episodes in our history…

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