WW2 History: 40 Facts about the Blitz

The Blitz Spirit – 75 years on!

‘WE CAN take it!’ That was the unofficial motto of the British people in 1940 as bombs began to rain down during the Second World War. To celebrate that iron resolve we reveal 40 fascinating facts about one of the most stirring episodes in our history…

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Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini Dismantles a leftist protester over illegal migrants in less than a minute.

What has happened in Europe over the past few years is a cautionary tale about what illegal immigration and the fallacy of ‘multi-culturalism’ can do to a nation if left unchecked.

Only a few countries in Europe are standing up to the rising tide and when it is all said and done, these countries will be the only ones standing when the rest of Europe is a pile of ashes.

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They should have titled this “Postcards from Hell: An Open Borders Cautionary Tale”

My God, look at what these illegal POS migrants have done to Paris!

If something is not done here in America regarding illegal immigration, this will be the state of every major city in under five years.

Mark my words.

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Czech tourists, lured to Paris by artificially low airline flights, were given a taste of the medicine that awaits them in the event of the Visegrad nations crumbling to Europe Union demands that they open the gates to the invaders from hell:

“We went there not so long ago, just go for the weekend. We were tempted by the low prices of the airline tickets, unusually low, but we were not in Paris for more than 10 years. So, we decided to refresh our impressions, again inhale the romance of the French capital. The fact is that the lowest price…

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ITALY’S GEORGIA MELONI: The female equivalent of Matteo Salvini with great big brass ones to match…and better legs — BARE NAKED ISLAM

It’s So nice to see a real woman with GUTS and CONVICTION.

We need some of this is America Right now instead of all these fat, ugly Snowflake Feminist screaming about “Oppression by the Patriarchy.”


Georgia Meloni virtually blew up the Italian Parliament with her impassioned speech against the globalist scam called the UN Global Migration Pact, which several countries, including Italy, did not sign. Some background to this speech: Oliviero Toscani, a photographer famous for his work with Benetton in the 80s and 90s, called Meloni “ugly” and “retarded”,…

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Know Your History: How the Ottomans Lost the Battle of Vienna in 1683

When you study the history of how that worthless pagan religion of islam was finally defeated and drove out of Europe for good, no other date is more important than 1683 and the Battle of Vienna.

With Europe currently under yet another islamic invasion, it is INTEGRAL that Christians the world over learn from history so they can yet be victorious again in driving these murdering pagan hate peddlers out of their lands for good.

Now although the prelude from History Time is rather lengthy (42 minutes), I highly suggest you watch it in order to get a “Big Picture” snapshot of Europe in the 17th century…things were not pretty.



Battle of Vienna, 1683

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French Family Adopts ’16-Yr-Old’ African Migrant With Receding Hairline And Bags Under His Eyes — DC Clothesline

If there was ever a picture to encapsulate what is wrong with Europe as a whole, this one is it.

Word of advice Frenchy: Lock up your daughters.

A French school teacher “adopted” what appears to be a 30-year-old grown man posing as “16-year-old refugee” to live with her and her four daughters […]

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