The Saga of a Russian Spy or Not?

Let Me Tell You About My Friend Maria Butina — Who Might Be A Russian Spy

The Spy Who Wasn’t


A Russian Spy, A Con-Man and The NRA walk into a Bar.

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Cold War History: Jewish Atomic Spies

Jewish Atomic Spies


Fantastic post about a very dangerous time in World History.

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Espionage Files: China Still Up to it’s Old Tricks



While the Fake News Cartel is busy distracting the American public with Russia, China has been busy stealing American Military secrets.

As a matter of fact, China has quite a lengthy track record in stealing American Military Secrets, in particular Stealth Technology.

Remember This?

Chinese hackers steal Top Secret data for the F-35 Stealth Fighter. 

Chinese J-20 Stealth Jet Based on Plans Stolen by Hackers


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Iran Watch: Hezbollah Goes Spear-Phishing at 144 American Universities

For those of you not familiar with the tactics of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW), specifically Cyber-Espionage, I urge you to read up. Our enemies are waging war against us everyday in cyber-space and for the most part, winning.


DOJ Indicts Iranian Hackers For Breaching 144 Different US Universities In Spearphishing Attack


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Reference Materials: Kubark Counter-Intelligence and Interrogation Manual

Published in 1963, an interesting read for sure.

Some practical applications for Intelligence Gathering as well as Counter-Intelligence activities.


KUBARK Counter-Intelligence and Interrogation Manual

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Espionage Files: The Spy Who Went Into the Cold



Kim Philby is without a doubt one of the most notorious traitors in U.S. and British Intelligence History.

Numerous books, films and documentaries have been done about him over the past 3 decades. John Le’ Carre, Robert Littell and numerous other spy authors have based characters on Philby and the notorious “Cambridge 5”.

A BBC Documentary currently on Netflix right now called The Spy Who Went Into the Cold is an in-depth different kind of documentary on Philby that focuses more on the duplicitous nature of the man and how for decades he fooled some of the most well-trained intelligence officers in the world in MI6 and the CIA.

It is a study as much in the duplicity of human nature as it is the nasty business of Espionage.

If you are a Cold War or Intelligence buff, I highly recommend it.

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Espionage Files: Mercenary Armies of the CIA


Top 18 Secret Mercenary Armies of the CIA

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Being a History and Intelligence buff, I found this article fascinating.

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