Sri Lanka Going Mad Max

Sri Lanka Is “Grinding to a Halt” Amid Fuel Shortage, Inflation & Austerity, Prompting Mass Protests


Calling up Putin for some Fuel Imports was a nice touch and a dark harbinger of things to come for Europe and over populated Asia.


The Coming Blackouts. DO NOT say you were not Warned.


The Coming Blackouts. DO NOT say you were not Warned.


As we discussed last week, this won’t just impact California and Texas.

A minimum of 14 states will be hit by this in a rolling sequence. As water levels fall, you eventually reach the point where your ability to produce hydroelectric electricity from dams diminishes. Meanwhile, there are 40 coal-fired power plants scheduled to be taken offline in the name of fighting climate change. No replacement sources for all of that juice have been proposed, to say nothing of having them come online.

What specific decisions did Joe Biden make to drive up the cost of gas and electricity?

Good Read.


I noticed that social media, e.g. – Facebook, is marking photos of gas prices as “Misleading” and “Missing Context”. That is because fact checkers with English degrees don’t like the idea of voters blaming Biden for the skyrocketing price of gas. So, in order to get around that little problem, I’m going to list out the specific decisions and policies of the Biden administration that led to this mess.

The New York post reports:

If Biden signaled full-throated support for US drillers to get to work — and perhaps allowed the re-starting of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada — global oil prices could similarly fall sharply, the industry experts told The Post.

“Biden could go to the oil and gas industry and say, ‘OK, I’ve said we’re going to get off oil and gas and that you guys are yesterday’s industry, but I’m going to drop that,’” surmised Myron…

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