The Coming Blackouts. DO NOT say you were not Warned.


The Coming Blackouts. DO NOT say you were not Warned.


As we discussed last week, this won’t just impact California and Texas.

A minimum of 14 states will be hit by this in a rolling sequence. As water levels fall, you eventually reach the point where your ability to produce hydroelectric electricity from dams diminishes. Meanwhile, there are 40 coal-fired power plants scheduled to be taken offline in the name of fighting climate change. No replacement sources for all of that juice have been proposed, to say nothing of having them come online.

Protecting Your Gun Safe and it’s Contents from an EMP

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Unlike most EMP articles, this is a VERY relevant and Practical Topic to Consider!

Prepare Accordingly!

A Perversion of Priorities

A Perversion of Priorities


There is a lot to be said about WASTING TIME.

May I suggest to you there are Forces and Powers that be that are BANKING on you Wasting your Time and Money WORRYING about issues that in reality are of little to no consequence to you and your family’s safety.

If you are going to spend your Valuable TIME and RESOURCES PREPARING for something, make sure that “Something” is a CREDIBLE THREAT!

“Our environment is not just nature—it is man-made as well. A prolonged collapse of this nation’s electrical grid—through starvation, disease, and societal collapse—could result in the death of up to 90% of the U.S. population. This figure has not been disputed, yet this prospect has received virtually no attention from policy makers or the media. The environmental issue holding center stage, of course, is global warming.”

Prepare Accordingly!

A Safe and Secure Way to Decommission a Hard Drive | (ISC)² Article

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Pay particular attention to damaging the platters inside the hard drives where data is magnetically recorded” says

Hard drives will typically have several platters mounted on the same spindle. See featured image. Be thorough.

Hard disk with platter

Physical destruction is generally considered the most secure and permanent type of data destruction, but this must be done to a provable level, as even a small piece of a disk may contain data. Typical techniques include grinding, shredding, incineration, applying corrosive chemicals, or applying extremely high voltage.

(ISC)² Article

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How to Prep an EMP-Proof Vehicle

How to prep an EMP-proof vehicle


For context as to the reality of the EMP threat, here is a good article from SOFREP about China.

Prepare Accordingly.