How to Hide from Drones: Lessons Learned in Modern War



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Drones are going to be part and parcel of Modern Guerilla Warfare, so take notes.

Here is a post from the ARCHIVES as well.


U.S. Navy’s Drone Jammer

U.S. Navy’s Drone Jammer — American Partisan

The Militant Drone Playbook

The Militant Drone Playbook


“Therefore, we believe that militants will continue to view drones as a useful adjunct to their existing military repertoires, using them to assist in targeting forces on the battlefield, to harass command and logistic hubs, and to disrupt the supply and movement of adversaries’ soldiers and materiel.”

Drones have a vital role to play in 21st Century Asymmetrical Warfare.

If you haven’t already, read Ghost Fleet by P.W. Singer

Study Up.


Drone Wars

Saudi F-15 shoots down a Iranian backed Houthi drone between the Yemen/Saudi border. These drones attack the oil ports and refineries on a daily basis sometimes causing massive damage and casualties.

Imagine thousands of these types of drones attacking a fixed position at once. This is the future of warfare in the 21st Century.

I highly recommend the novel Ghost Fleet if you have not read it. It’s a entertaining but realistic (and prophetic) snapshot of warfare in the 21st Century.