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Sen. Cruz Wants El Chapo’s Ill-Gotten Gains to Fund Border Wall

I think this forward thinking at it’s finest by Senator Cruz.

For so long, the assets and money of convicted drug dealers/traffickers have been used by the arresting Local and State Law Enforcement agencies to boost their drug interdiction budgets. From here on out, why don’t we use it to Start Protecting America’s Southern Border from these animals?

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Ted Cruz calls for 'Christians only' refugee policy ...

( – Shortly after a federal jury in New York on Tuesday found the notorious Mexican drug lord known as “El Chapo” guilty of drug trafficking, weapons violations and other counts, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) drew attention to his pending legislation to have the gangster’s seized assets used to secure the Southwest border, “including the completion of a wall.”

Once Joaquin Guzmán Lorea, the former leader of the Sinaloa drug, is sentenced – sentencing scheduled for June 25 and he faces mandatory life in prison – the federal government will seek a judgment making forfeit “billions of dollars constituting the cartel’s illegal drug-trafficking proceeds,” the Department of Justice confirmed on Tuesday.

The sums involved are estimated at around $14 billion – far more than the $5.7 billion President Trump requested for a border barrier. Congressional Democrats have opposed the funding, and a $1.375 billion “compromise” deal is now under consideration.

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Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini Dismantles a leftist protester over illegal migrants in less than a minute.

What has happened in Europe over the past few years is a cautionary tale about what illegal immigration and the fallacy of ‘multi-culturalism’ can do to a nation if left unchecked.

Only a few countries in Europe are standing up to the rising tide and when it is all said and done, these countries will be the only ones standing when the rest of Europe is a pile of ashes.

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