Warrior-Up: The Other Sides Play Book

Warrior Up: Techniques for Sabotaging Capitalist Infrastructure and Extracting Industries

Our enemies are becoming more and more violent by the day.

It pays to know their techniques and methods.

Definitely worth bookmarking.

Thanks to Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training for posting this.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Muslim Attack on Australian Picnic Train: 1915 at Broken Hill

Muslim Attack on Australian Picnic Train: 1915 at Broken Hill

An obscure page of WW1 History that continues to prove that islam is not a “Religion of Peace” but rather a Societal Philosophy of Terror and Mayhem against innocent people and an obvious threat to Christian Western Civilization that must be rooted out.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


We Politely, But Audaciously Refuse Learned Helplessness

We Politely, But Audaciously, Refuse Learned Helplessness


Willingness is a Statement of Mind. Readiness is a Statement of Fact.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Another Reason to be Armed: ANTIFA Mobs

This video just surfaced out of the September 30 Protest in Portland, Oregon of an elderly man being harassed and then chased down by a group of crazed, armed and hostile  ANTIFA/BLM thugs.

Consider for a second if this was you.

Casually driving down the street, minding you own business and then BOOM! You are suddenly surrounded by a bunch of screaming morons with weapons like ASP, baseball bats and sticks who are beating on your car and yelling at you for no particular reason other than you are an easy target of opportunity.

Scary situation to be in for sure and the one thing you don’t want to ever do is GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE like he did.

What if these thugs would not have let him back into the car, what then?

He’s elderly and apparently unarmed. Could have gotten ugly real quick.

Always remember that when you drive into a mob like this, that 2 or 3 ton vehicle you are driving is always your best defense, USE IT!

If ever there was a clarion call to ALL citizens to ARM themselves, it is NOW!

Things have gotten too crazy and out of hand to leave to chance.

As a friend of mine is fond of saying:    “Don’t become the ten o’clock news story!

Freedom Outpost ran an article today with several more videos from the September 30 Portland Protest, take a look and see what America is turning into! Not Pretty.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


In Memoriam: Ari Fuld


A hero goes down fighting!

Recently, an American/Israeli (duel citizenship), Ari Fuld, was precipitously attacked by a knife-wielding Palestinian teenager in Israel. He was stabbed in the back at a shopping center near Jerusalem.

Fuld was likely targeted due to his high-profile, pro-Israel political activism. At the moment of his attack, Fuld was carrying a concealed pistol (brand/caliber not reported).

After being stabbed (fatally, as it turns out), Fuld ran after and shot-down his attacker, preventing him from committing additional mayhem against other innocent bystanders.

As a result, the Palestinian perpetrator suffered multiple gunshot wounds but survived. Fuld died a short time later at a nearby hospital.

Fuld, though painfully wounded and dying, summoned the courage, psychological determination, and physical strength necessary to put his pistol to proper use… one last time.

Fuld’s heroism demonstrates, once again, that armed citizens represent, by far, the best deterrent to terrorism!

Let’s not miss his important lessons:

1) Keep your head up! Watch your six, relentlessly.

Innocent-looking, bubble-gum-chewing teenagers, sitting on the fence behind you may indeed be weapon-wielding great-grandsons of Yasser Arafat!

That’s not “paranoia.”

That’s the caustic reality of this unsafe, unsettled world of 2018!

2) Go armed!

Don’t delude yourself into naively dividing your life into “safe” and “dangerous” times and places.

There is no “safety,” not anywhere, not any time, nor will there be during our lifetimes!

3) Train!

The world is full of lethal weapons, and violent criminals/terrorists will always have access to them.

Some of us are experts in their use. The vast majority are bungling amateurs!

The critical, war-winning advantage we have over armed terrorists is our courage, audacity, and practiced expertise.

Be one of us!

4) Finish the fight!

When placed “in extremis,” and your destiny is to go down, resolve to go down fighting!

Ari Fuld did, and he serves as a shining example to all of us!

“The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” ~ Patrick Henry


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Border Watch: Armed Illegals Filmed Flooding Through Arizona Ranch


This is the bare bones truth about the situation on our Southern Border’s folks.  No Spin No BS.

We are now at the point of being INVADED on a daily basis.

The Cartels have too much to lose now, so they are sending across platoon sized elements of armed men to escort their dope and their human cargo.

As a Texan, I don’t have the luxury of waiting on some Wall or depending on some Federal Employee to Save Me. This is what I plan to do. How bout’ you?

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Civil Defense Groups = “Hate Groups?”

Plaquemines Parish deputy put on paid leave during alleged hate group probe


The Center will not hold. I repeat the Center will not hold!

It appears that those folks who were putting out the warning that these spineless neo-marxist in Silicon Valley and their hypocritical brain trust at the SPLC would not just stop with “banning” hate speech on their social media platforms but also extend the ban to Conservative Civil Defense Groups like the Proud Boys (whose primary function was to protect Trump supporters from ANTIFA) were spot on in their warnings.

What do you want to bet the next type of “hate groups” they go after are of the ARMED variety like The Three Percenters?

Why? Because they are Armed and represent an ideology contrary to socialism.

And we all know from history that marxist are deathly afraid of armed civilians standing up for themselves!

I highly urge all of you to take stock right now of your readiness condition for a SHTF situation.

This is not fear mongering or tin-foil hat paranoia, just good ole’ fashioned Common Sense.

Stay Alert, Stay ARMED and Stay Dangerous!