America’s Forgotten

Immigrant Filmmaker Learns the Magnitude of Illegal Immigration Problem


This Documentary verifies something many of us have known for decades:

Communist liberals ENABLE and SUPPORT Illegal Immigration, Drug Smuggling and Human Trafficking into the U.S.

You can stream this Documentary free of charge HERE.

Interview with a Mountain Woman

All you Preppers and Survivalist out there, take 20 minutes and watch this Interview.

87 Years old and this woman could out work 90% of the millennial work force and survive on her own without a grocery store!

If you ask me, these are the people kids should be listening to and not these self-absorbed Communist athletes and “entertainers”.


Interview with a Mountain Man

Take 30 minutes to listen to a walking, talking part of American History.

People like this are the Salt of the Earth and the Backbone of America, yeah he may be poor and not as educated as you, but he has something most people don’t in Modern America: Wisdom and Perspective.

I can also guarantee you one thing, when the chips are down, and times get hard, this is the kind of people I want by my side! No-Nonsense, Practical Country Folk that are as tough as shoe leather but would give you the shirt off their back if you ask.

The Plot Against the President Documentary



For those of you that don’t want to give money to comrade Bezos at Amazon Prime, you can Stream this Doc free of charge on your Laptop or Phone at the link below.

*I recommend you download a free Ad-Blocker like U-Block Origin for your browser before streaming online.


The Plot Against the President