Civilian Legal Flashbangs

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My two cents: The cost of these things ($47 each) is ridiculous compared to what you actually get.

I think I would rather spend my money on reloading supplies.

But, If you think you really need to have something like this you would be better off buying a surplus of fireworks on July 4th and making a few dozen sparkler bombs.

Are they going to be as easy to detonate as a grenade? No.

Are they going to be comparable to 127 decibels? Depends.

Do your research and go easy. Don’t be the idiot who creates a stick of dynamite and then blows off his hand.

Seriously, sparkler bombs are no joke, But if you want a cheap “Distraction Device” they will definitely get somebody’s attention and if discharged in a confined space have similar effects as a flashbang.

Redneck Ingenuity 101.


DIY Rain Barrel Instructions With Pictures (Cheap and Easy)

DIY Rain Barrel Instructions With Pictures (Cheap and Easy)


One of the three dozen projects on my TO DO List for this Spring is installing a new rain water catch system and some new rain barrels.

CANzerfaust – 3D-Printed 66mm Recoilless Soda Can Launcher

The CANzerfaust 


Looks fun and very versatile, dare I say utilitarian? 😎


DIY Hard Copy Maps




This site Lets you configure any location, and save it as a .pdf and then, download it for printing.

You can add the symbols and whatnot on the right, as well as overlay the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) on the map itself.

Even allows you to place sector boundaries, minefields, obstacles… a whole shitload of ‘stuff’ that to a veteran should be very familiar if you paid attention in training.

Download and print PAPER Maps for your entire AO

Think ANALOG all the way!

Paper don’t need batteries!

Get it printed, in color at Officemax on heavy gauge card stock, not the super heavy, but enough, then run it through the laminator.

I then add it to the three ring binder.

If I need a smaller squad map with overlays, I can have those made up as well.  It’s all about small ‘bites’ if you will.  A lil bit here and there each payday to get what I need.