Crooks are Working on all Sorts of Ways to Use the Virus Crisis to Scam You

Stay Alert Out there folks.

Criminals work overtime during crisis like this.

Choose NOW not to be a Victim.


There are so many stories on this topic that I am sure you have seen one or another, but I think it’s important that I remind you that scammers are busy using the COVID-19 situation to separate you from your money. 18 more words

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Armed Vigilantes Take Action!

Armed Vigilantes Impose Quarantine on Neighbor in Fear of COVID-19


As an Armed Citizen you can NEVER depend on local state or federal authorities to take care of you and your family/loved ones in an emergency.

That responsibility falls squarely on YOU.

As we get deeper into this mess and law enforcement and emergency response resources are spread more and more thin, incidents like this are going to become more and more common.

Prepare yourself NOW in all areas to Take Action if the need arises.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Harvesting Your Own Water

Water is Life.


Jackalope a good friend, avid prepardeness professor, and amateur radio operator posted ‘Harvesting Your Own Water” on Wednesday. I thought it was worth sharing with the American Partisan readers. So, I checked with him to see if it was okay to post here on AP. He graciously said, “Post it”. Sit back and enjoy!…

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Mastiff sends: Spicy Time Brewing At West Virginia Walmart

It was only a matter of time before the Sheeple fully surrendered to the STAMPEDE instinct and began going FULL RETARD.

Look for this kind of thing to exponentially grow in the next few days.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


I don’t post anything publicly, but I have some data that I came across that isn’t being publicized anywhere: Source: co- worker’s father who drives a bread truck witnessed the following at the Walmart in Martinsburg, WV: Size: about 400 citizens waiting outside the front entrance Activity: Looting/rioting as soon as the doors opened in…

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Thunderdome 2020 Begins – Philadelphia Police Will Not Arrest for Burglary or Theft Due to Coronavirus…

My advice would be to ARM yourself and let the animals eat each other.

As an outcome of short-sighted coronavirus issues, the Philadelphia police department has announced they will no longer be arresting suspects for retail theft, auto theft, burglary, narcotics or other “non violent” offenses. Instead they will write tickets, release the suspects and address the criminality later on. Now watch what happens. CTH saw the instructions earlier […]

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Preppers Having Their ‘Moment’?

Another good read from NC Scout.

If there is one thing the martial civilian should take away from this goat rodeo, it is this:

But for me at least, prepping was never about having stuff, but rather having skills to back up the right items. Its about a mindset. The things people are snapping up now are unheard of items in much of the rest of the world, and while we could sit and point to other factors they deal with on an everyday basis, they also live fairly simple lives. Other corners of the world, for their lack of modernity, also do not fear the loss of such. Why is that? Because they have the underlying skills to survive. “

It reminds me of a couple of similar sayings:

“Amateurs talk Hardware. Professionals talk Software.” -Anonymous

“Amateurs talk Strategy. Professionals talk Logistics.” -General Omar Bradley

Speaking for myself and my clan, going forward from here we going to concentrate more sincerely on taking more of a minimalist approach to life in terms of “stuff” and focus more on learning and honing SKILLS.


So, preppers, are we having our ‘moment’? It would certainly seem as though a lot of folks are preppers now. Judging by the level of panic buying it seems like hindsight is 2020 for a great deal of people. 18 more words

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Part One can be found HERE

A Worthwhile read.

Remember the Rule of 3: Three weeks without Food, Three Days without Water, Three hours without Shelter and Three minutes without Oxygen.

Water is Life.

This article is the second article in a two part series on water purification originally posted on December 11, 2019. The author, Lisa Vargas has her own site called I need to and is worth your time to visit and comment if you are so inclined. She is also working her way through the…