Black South African Police Actively Involved in Murder of White Farmer Janus Powell & Others

The MSM continues to pump Lies and deceit concerning the MURDER of Whites in South Africa.

It’s Politically Correct to call attention to “Racial Violence” when Blacks are killed, but when it’s Whites getting killed by Blacks, suddenly it’s Politically Incorrect and “Divisive” for our society?

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Completely ignored by the controlled mainstream media is the active involvement of Black police officers in the murders of White South African farmers, most recently Janus Powell. A father, Janus Powell was fatally shot during a farm attack and shooting that took place between Hoopstad and Bloemhof in the North West province. The man managed to […]

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Tacoma Police Kill Suspect Attacking ICE Detention Center

ABC News is reporting that an armed man who set a vehicle on fire and was rigging a propane tank to explode was shot dead by police. The incident occurred approximately six hours after a protest rally in the same area. His name and other details have not yet been released. Representative Cortez and Senator…

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Why Won’t Muslims Assimilate?



A Great video to watch in a time when we are being inundated with “news” stories about the so-called joys and benefits of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” to a society from a horde of muslim immigrants intent on nothing but subjugation.

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Warrior-Up: The Other Sides Play Book

Warrior Up: Techniques for Sabotaging Capitalist Infrastructure and Extracting Industries

Our enemies are becoming more and more violent by the day.

It pays to know their techniques and methods.

Definitely worth bookmarking.

Thanks to Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training for posting this.

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What Tolerance has Wrought & It’s Quite Sick

What “Tolerance” Has Wrought – & It’s Quite Sick

The Left is inundating Moral Western Conservative Society with an onslaught of perversion and pedophilia, and it is all in the name of “Tolerance” and “Diversity”.

Once again we must understand these words are NEWSPEAK for the Destruction of Christian Western Civilization as we know it.

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More MSM Falsehoods, All in the Name of “Diversity”

Horror moment gang of 60 storm pharmacy in terrifying robbery


Notice not one time in this article are the perpetrators of this crime called what they are:


Despite their being CCTV Footage clearly showing it.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) are so afraid of offending the Liberal High Order of Diversity and Multi-Culturalism (which are FAILING MISERABY where ever you look btw!) that they don’t even report the simplest news stories with accuracy.

Nauseating Political Correctness once again.

I had to laugh when it said “No Arrest have been Made.”

Yeah, when the description of the criminal does not include their RACE it might be hard to find them genius.

“Diversity” and “Multi-Culturalism” are Globalist Liberal Code Words for the Destruction of America and Western Civilization as we know it.

Flash Mobs are a new dangerous threat, especially to you Inner-City Urban Dwellers.

Learn how to Defend Yourself Against it HERE.

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