Documentaries: Grooming Gangs – Britain’s Shame

Maine 6th Grader and His Father Confront Public School Degeneracy

11-year-old reads aloud from ‘pornographic’ book he checked out from library at school board meeting


More video clips HERE.

This is the kind of filth that populates public school libraries now thanks to degenerate mentally ill people holding public office.

Stand Up for your Children and by Whatever Means Necessary STOP the Madness!






Imported Muslim Rape Gangs Continue to Plague UK

Teenage Girls in the UK Launch Protest After Schoolgirl Raped by Illegal Aliens from Afghanistan


Let’s not forget this kind of bullshit has been going on in the UK for more than a decade now with help from the corrupt and complicit British Government and Law enforcement.






Morning Laugh

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Old school Irish comic Dave Allen tells a joke about how Homosexuality can gradually seep into a society and eventually be accepted as “normal” and “compulsory”.

Like all of Allen’s work it is not only funny, but partially prophetic and thought provoking as well.

Just consider for a moment how Homosexuality has gradually chewed it’s way into American society and culture in the past 50 years.

When you open the door to deviancy and ungodliness, where does it end?

Mark my words: In another ten years pedophilia will be normalized and shown openly on television.

Sound Crazy?

Yeah Welcome to Godless Clown World.