Why Won’t Muslims Assimilate?



A Great video to watch in a time when we are being inundated with “news” stories about the so-called joys and benefits of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” to a society from a horde of muslim immigrants intent on nothing but subjugation.

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Warrior-Up: The Other Sides Play Book

Warrior Up: Techniques for Sabotaging Capitalist Infrastructure and Extracting Industries

Our enemies are becoming more and more violent by the day.

It pays to know their techniques and methods.

Definitely worth bookmarking.

Thanks to Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training for posting this.

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We Politely, But Audaciously Refuse Learned Helplessness

We Politely, But Audaciously, Refuse Learned Helplessness


Willingness is a Statement of Mind. Readiness is a Statement of Fact.

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Bodycam Video of Fountain Hills Terrorism Case

Man shot by deputy in Fountain Hills accused of terrorism on behalf of ISIS


I don’t know about you but all this does is bolster my resolve in Securing the Southern Border. According to my friend Tim “Nailer” Foley over at Arizona Border Recon, muslims/jihadist are crossing illegally into the U.S. on a regular basis.

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Central America is Ground Zero for Fighting Socialism Once Again



Just like Venezuela before it, events in Nicaragua are becoming a real-world clinic for people all over the globe seeking to stand up to the evils of a socialist dictatorship. It’s like the 80’s all over again, only hopefully America will not have to intervene.

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Dose of Truth: Run, Hide, Tell or Fight?


I was watching a documentary on Netflix titled Fightworld about different types of fighting styles all across the world and the most interesting to me was the one about Krav Maga in Israel.

In one segment the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, discussed how in Great Britain the Metropolitan Police are instructed to respond to a terror attack in the following way: RUN, HIDE, TELL.

Contrast this with Israel where the police and civilians alike are instructed to do one thing in the event of a terror attack: FIGHT!

It just goes to show how much liberalism, islam and politically correct thinking have changed Great Britain from an island once populated with proud, strong warriors to a place of utter weakness and surrender.

Choose to Fight! Choose to Live!

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Why So Many Western Covert Operations Have Failed Since World War II

Shots in the Dark – Why So Many Western Covert Operations Have Failed Since WW2


A Great read both from a historical point of view and practical, Civilian Operator POV on the RELEVANCE of Guerilla Warfare in the 21st Century.

You have to Understand the Lessons of History in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past….this is why every Warrior needs to be a Scholar and Historian FIRST!

Read this article twice and look up the links and read about them…this is a study worthy of your time I promise you.

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