The Virginia Effect: Habersham Becomes First 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County in GEORGIA

We can Only Hope the “Virginia Effect” Spreads all Across this Land from Sea to Shining Sea!

Let the Fire Keep Rising!


Virginia surely has stirred up a hornet’s nest. West Virginia is asking counties to defect while other states start to organize their own 2A sanctuaries. West Virginia Invites Virginia 2A Counties to Join The Mountain State Now Habersham Co., Georgia has earned the distinction of being the state’s first 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. Here’s more…

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Northam Declares ‘State of Emergency’ as Militias Prepare To March on Richmond

Let the Games Begin.

It’s either Put up or Shut Up Time for this Moron, let’s see who flinches first.

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As citizens and militia groups prepare for a Jan. 20 march on Richmond in protest of gun control, Northam has declared a state of emergency.
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Why Journalist and Politicians are Frightened by Armed Defense

Why Journalists and Politicians are Frightened by Armed Defense


Rob Morse nails it once again.

The Bottom line is pretty simple.

Armed Citizens represent a threat to the liberal/marxist status quo and their obvious agenda.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

U.S. Marines Slightly Loosen Gun Restrictions for Select Corps Personnel

U.S. Marines ‘Slightly’ Loosen Gun Restrictions for Select Corps Personnel


Notice the word SLIGHTLY is emphasized here because basically all this ‘law’ does is re-emphasize a law that is already on the books (Military Personnel who hold Law Enforcement positions may carry concealed on a military base.)

What it does not do is make it LEGAL for ANY Active Duty Military Personnel to carry a concealed weapon on base.

I am of the opinion that if you are an active duty military member you DO NOT NEED a license issued by a State agency to carry a Firearm on a U.S. Govt military base!

It’s bureaucratic, politically correct idiocy like this that continues to get innocent people killed.

Once Again, as the latest Church Shooting proves: Bad Guys do not give a shit about Gun Free Zones, and yes, unfortunately that includes U.S. Military bases.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Another Armed Citizen Saves Lives yet AGAIN in Another Texas Church Shooting

Texas church shooting gunman had ‘something not right’ about him, witness says; ex-FBI agent reportedly shot suspect


Unedited Video of Shooting


Forget all the Statistics and Political Agenda ranting.

Armed Citizens Save Lives, Period.

The World is getting More Dangerous and Unpredictable.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Car Thieves Fire Shots At Car Owner, Owner Fires Back Killing 17 Year Old Carjacker

It’s always so refreshing to read about somebody choosing not to be a victim.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


H/T Concealed Nation.

Car Owner-1 Carjacker-0.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — As more and more people refuse to become victims and decide to legally carry a firearm, the bad guys of our society are going to find it much more difficult to get away with easy scores. Take this group of kids as an example. Cruising around at night looking for a car to steal until they found one they liked. What they weren’t expecting was the car owner being armed and fighting back.

At around 10:15 p.m., officers responded to the Super Smoker’s Shop in the 2500 block of Appling Road. According to police, a black SUV pulled onto the parking lot, and a man got out of the SUV and tried to steal someone else’s car.

The owner of the car came out of the store and confronted the suspects who were inside of the SUV. The suspects inside of…

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How to Spot Armed Suspects

How to Spot Armed Suspects


Good skill-set to have in the modern world.

As I am always telling my kids, watch people’s waistbands and their hands because the waistband is where people keep weapons and the hands is how they are going to use them.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!