.44 Magnum Concealed Carry

.44 Magnum Concealed Carry


“Carry the biggest gun you can tote comfortably and shoot accurately. The reason being is if it is not Comfortable you will leave it at home in the gun safe instead of having it in your pants when you need it and if you can’t shoot it accurately, well, what are we really talking about carrying a gun for?” –Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch.


It all comes down to manual of arms and PRACTICE.

Yeah six rounds of .44 Mag should do the trick against any foe, two or four legged.

IF you can put the rounds where you need them to be ACCURATELY under STRESS.


History of the Failure Drill: Mozambique Revolt Roots



This drill is still as relevant today as it was fifty years ago, if not more so with both drug abuse and bullet proof vest becoming more and more common with criminal turds.

“Two the Chest and One to the Head to Make Them Dead!”




Armed Citizen Corner: 74 year old Good Samartian Boater Rescues Drowning Man and then is Forced to Shoot Him Dead in Self-Defense

Boater, 74, Rescues Drowning Jet Skier Twice, Then Shoots Him Dead


Talk about Life being stranger than Fiction.

It seems you cannot be a Good Samaritan in the 21st Century anymore, it’s just too damn dangerous!

Kudos to the Old Man Staying Armed 24/7.

Don’t Forget to Drill on Head Shot’s


Every time I see a hostage situation video and the end result is the bad guy getting a free lobotomy (as above) I am reminded of the Practicality of Drilling for such an event with both my pistol and rifle.

Why? Because when seconds count, the Cops are an hour away.

Don’t depend on somebody else to save your life or the life of your loved ones.

Train, Train and Train Some More!

A better and more specific term for the “Head Shot” would be the “Cranial T.”

Imagine drawing a uppercase T on the bad guy’s face starting at the eyes, not the forehead. Why?

The below picture is of a POS who took a 9mm MP-5 round to the forehead.


Two inches lower and it would have been light’s out for the Missing Link.

This article from SOFREP “Heads are Harder than you Think” explains things perfectly.

Bottom Line: Drill on taking these kind of shots regularly from various ranges with both handgun and rifle.

Because there is nobody coming to save you.

Prepare Accordingly.

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Armed Citizen Corner: Retired Florida SWAT officer Acquitted in 2014 Movie Theater Shooting

H/T EatGruelDog


Retired Florida SWAT officer acquitted in movie theater shooting


Remember this shooting?

I had to go back to the 2014 Archives to find the article I wrote about it titled Becoming a Superior Gunman.

Eight friggin years for a murder trial seems excessive to me, especially considering the man on trial for murder was pushing 80?

The was an egregious TRAVESTY of Justice and another pathetic example of the “good ole’ boy network” of Law Enforcement taking care of one another.

If you go through the details of the confrontation that night in the theater, you will see that this is a clear-cut case of a retired cop’s bruised ego getting the better of him.

Verbal Provocation (even when accompanied by a thrown bag of popcorn) is NEVER grounds for deadly force. In addition, the man had 30 years of Law Enforcement “experience” which should have given him MORE self-control and good judgement than the average civilian.

Reeves should have been found guilty of Second Degree Murder and sentenced to the maximum and died alone in prison.

My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to Chad Oulson’s widow and his eight year old daughter. 🙏