Shooting Mechanics: Trigger Slack


Trigger Slack


It is said that if you want to be a good shooter with any weapon, there are three words you need to learn: TRIGGER, TRIGGER, TRIGGER!!

I have not been seeing a lot of articles concerning the actual mechanics of shooting well.

The mechanics of shooting well are foundational and never change folks. Learn them, be aware of them and seek to master them all your life.

Being a Student of something and seeking to master it is always the mark of a true warrior.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

ECQ In Fight Weapon Access

If you carry a handgun for self-defense and do not routinely pressure test IN FIGHT Weapon Access with Force-on-Force drills, you are cutting yourself short in being prepared for a real world encounter on the mean streets.

Most FIGHTS on the street are at EXTREME CLOSE QUARTER (ECQ) distances, ie “Bad Breath Distance”.

IMO next to Kelly Mccann, Craig Williams aka “Southnarc” has some of the best training around on Combative Handgun.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Court upholds Right of Armed Citizen to Shoot a Police Officer in Defense

So many things went wrong here.
In the 21st Century, Part of being a Responsible ARMED  citizen is knowing the law and also having good legal representation to start with. The reality however is decent lawyers cost money and the everyday joe cannot afford one typically. If this poor guy would have had a decent lawyer at the beginning he would have never had to spend 5 years of his life wrongfully imprisoned.

Additional survival tricks

via Court upholds Right of Armed Citizen to Shoot a Police Officer in Defense 

U.S.A. –-( On 20 August 2015, in Brevard County, Florida, John DeRossett, 55, shot and severely wounded a Brevard County sheriff’s deputy.

Police claimed they told the niece they were police officers as they grabbed her. She called 911 during or immediately after the firefight, and told the dispatcher she did not know who the men who grabbed her were.

The deputies had no warrant to arrest Mary Ellis.

Criminals often claim to be police to attempt to get compliance. The deputies never told DeRossett they were police.

Why would he be under obligation to believe them, unless they presented credentials or other convincing proof they were operating under lawful authority?

DeRossett was held in jail for nearly five years.

In August of 2018, at trial, his lawyer presented the defense that he was…

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Is Awareness Mightier Than the Gun?

Openrange Defense – Is Awareness Mightier than the Gun?

I personally hold the old school adage of “The Best Fight is the one that never happens” as my personal motto because it exemplifies the two traits I think every martial citizen should have in spades: AWARENESS and DE-ESCALATION.

Being AWARE of your Surroundings and Always having the COOL HEADED Mindset that every heated encounter does not have to end in gunfire.

Actually, I have found over my 45 years that if you hone your AWARENESS to  fine edge you can sidestep “jinky” encounters (ones you have to de-escalate) before they ever get to the verbal stage.

As I have always said the Martial Citizen is a lifestyle not a hobby.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Shoot em’ To The Ground!

From the Archives, 2019

Watching this video of a nut with a knife getting perforated reminded me of this article I did last year. With the recent increase in general anarchy and POS high on drugs like PCP, make sure you guys are running drills like this on a regular basis. Never assume “Two rounds and assess” will do the job! Shoot them to the Ground!


GBI releases body cam footage, other information about fatal OIS of man armed with butcher knife

Vids like this make me reassess my Combat Pistol Training.

A crazed nut with a butcher knife charges you.

You shoot him four to five times center of mass from a distance of less than 10 yards. He gets back up and charges you again.

I am not a Cop, but there were some questionable choices made here, the biggest one being why go to tazer after you have already shot him five times? You think Electricity trumps the Kinetic energy of a bullet? I mean it was already a lethal force incident, why go down a notch on the use of force scale when you and your partners life is on the line? He had a clear shot for like 30 seconds after he got up, empty the mag, reload and empty that mag if necessary!

At any rate, as an armed citizen it makes you consider the importance of “Shooting them to the Ground” every time, without fail.

Do you have a drill that practices this scenario? If not, rectify it now!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!