Google Removes The Mask: How Chrome Is Surveillance Software

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Beneath the Velvet Glove lay an Iron Fist- a digital one. So what’s Google been up to and what’s your course of action?

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The End of Passwords: DISA Test Walkabout Identity System

End Of Passwords: DISA Tests Walkabout Identity System


The Future is Now.

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Interested in Ethical Hacking?

When it comes to being prepared in the 21st Century, this is not a bad skill set to have under your belt.

The principles of 4GW apply to the Civilian Operator as well…being able to wage war on many fronts, especially in the cyber arena is a MUST.


If you’re interested in ethical hacking, Hacker News is offering a Master class online for $39.

Source: Interested in Ethical Hacking?

CO 101: Cybersecurity Pitfalls

Cybersecurity Experts: Stop Sending Troops Into Combat With Personal Tablets, Smartphones


In the 21st Century, lessons like this are not just for the Military, but for the Civilian Operator as well.

As long as we are dependent on tech, exploitation will always be there.

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ATM Skimmer Installed in Under a Minute – Steals over $5K

This is how easy thieves can steal your money nowadays if you are not paying attention folks.

Remember, these skimmers can be placed ANYWHERE you use your Credit/Debit card:

  • ATM’s
  • Pay at the Pump Gas Pumps
  • Point of Sale Terminals in Convenience Stores, Department Stores

There are numerous videos and articles out there on how to spot these things but the bottom line is practicing good ole’ fashioned Situational Awareness.

Remember, if you have a doubt about something, most likely there is something amiss. STOP and think before proceeding!

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True End-to-End Encryption for Proton Mail




As a long time user of Proton, I gotta tell you, this is an absolute game changer when it comes to finally having a FREE email service with across the board encryption!

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