Ten Plausibe Civil War Scenarios

Ten Plausibe Civil War Scenarios


I am gonna go with #1, #4 and #8 as the most likely scenarios, although all of them are not out of the realm of possibility in FUSA Clown World.

Prepare Accordingly.


The Political Soldier: Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan

The Political Soldier:
Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan

This is an essay by Greg Johnson on Schmitt’s polarizing book Theory of the Partisan that is definitely worth a read considering the current geo-political situation.

Arm Yourself and Prepare Accordingly.


Tactical Employment of Smoke Grenades

Tactical Employment of Smoke Grenades


Highly recommend you have a few of these Enola Gaye EG-18X Smoke Bombs handy in your kit.

With things going the direction they are, they could be VERY handy soon.


Von Steuben: Light Infantry Load-Out

Von Steuben: Light Infantry Load-Out


Really well put together series on a practical load out for the Light Infantry citizen ground pounder, aka Grunt.

FUSA Headlines: The Blight of Child Sex Trafficking

‘Operation Wanderlust’ ends with girls rescued, men arrested for sex trafficking


With everything going on in the world it’s easy to forget the BLIGHT and DISEASE of Online Pedophiles and Child Sex Trafficking.

I had no ideal how deep the rabbit hole went with this stuff as far as the type of people involved and the financing it receives from legit sources and how the Government’s inept/non-existent illegal immigration enforcement helps promote it’s success.

As an example of the type of people invoved, a High level Facebook Executive was recently busted soliciting sex from a 13 year old boy in Colombus, Ohio.

I fully support Online Citizen Action Groups like DAP (Dads Against Predators) which promote Community AWARENESS and ACTION in cleaning up Online Predators in your Community by exposing them.

So many times these Predators operate freely in a community (despite mandatory State Pedophile Registration) and are not exposed until it is too late and the damage has been done to some poor child and their family.

Like all things relating to our own Personal Safety and Welfare, We, the CITIZENS have to take Action and it starts with your own Community First!