Real World Example of “Local, Local, Local!”

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What It Looks Like When the Far Right Takes Control of Local Government


Keep in mind dear readers this article is from Politico, one of the most cucked anti-white lefty rags out there.

You can always count on lib-tards to completely lose their minds when any flavor of conservatism take control of government at any level and do something positive to improve their situation.

Those pesky Based “Far Right Christian Nationalist” seem to be getting things done in Western Michigan!

Remember: It all starts at the LOCAL!

On the Guerrilla, His Ecology and His Communications

On the Guerrilla, His Ecology and His Communications

The Guerrilla must recognize three critical points:


  1. He, and his local network, are his own supply line.

  2. He fights with what he has, not with what he wishes.

  3. He cannot fight as a conventional force.


If you have not already, be sure and order your copy of The Guerrilla’s Guide To The Baofeng Radio.

Take Heed and Prepare Accordingly.


Crime Awareness: Soros-backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins in Midterms

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Soros-backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins in Midterms


Just when you thought it was safe, Emperor Palpatine Darth Sidious Soros rears his ugly head in more political manipulation.

Most people forget that District Attorney’s (and State Judges) are Elected officials and in the recent Midterms, Liberal DA’s won big thanks to some Soros backed Campaign $$ Injections


Article of the Week: Life WROL (Without Rule of Law)

Proactive Pest Removal


Very incisive article about what is to come very shortly.

Ask yourself: Are you prepared MENTALLY for what is about to happen?

if Not, Prepare NOW, because as the article states, you don’t get any MULLIGANS once the PURGE horn sounds.



The Minuteman

The Minuteman


The reality is the ruling elite fear the citizenry still and because the citizenry is armed, they cannot just massacre ideological dissidents at will. Instead, they have to get crafty and do it through things like an experimental vaccine and call it something scary like COVID. Those with real power and in the national government do not represent us. They hate us and seek to return humanity to serfdom under their rule and undo centuries of progress made by the average citizen to have a better life. This is all by design, it is not an accident.

Keep your powder dry, because it is the only thing that keeps them partially in check.

God bless you and God bless Dixie.


Aim Small, Miss Small