Know Your Cold War Weapons: Czech VZ-52

While perusing Royal Tiger Imports C&R section the other day to see if on the off-hand chance they had any decent M1 Carbines left (they did not of course) I ran across a VZ-52 Rifle.


This is a nice peculiar addition to any Cold War Collection to be sure.

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Know Your Military History: Intimate Enemies

Intimate Enemies (L’ennemi intime) 2007

A French Film with english sub-titles, this movie tracks a French Army Platoon in 1959 during the Algerian War of Independence, which in terms of studying Guerilla Warfare is a red letter date event.

When studying how Guerilla Warfare has changed, one of the re-occurring themes you will come across again and again is the REBELLION AGAINST COLONIAL POWERS , namely, Spain, England and France.

Besides the study of the Boer War, The French Algerian War offers some of the best hindsight in WHAT NOT TO DO in COIN, namely: The mistreatment of the indigenous populace.

If you have not already, I highly recommend watching The Battle of Algiers as well.

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Better Dead than Red: A Holiday Viewing List

The good folk over at WRSA put out a decent list so I thought I would add mine to the mix.

Some of these are Cold War Classics, others are lesser known Foreign Films worth a look.


Firefox (1982)


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1979)


The Man Who Saved the World (2014)



As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (2001)

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Cold War Weapons: The Polish PM-63

The Peculiar Pioneer Arms PM-63C Pistol


For all you “Cold War Kids” like me that grew up with 80’s action movies, This venerable Cold War classic SMG version (PM-63 RAK) can be seen in such Pre- 9/11 Hijack Action flicks like Delta Force from 1986:


and in 6 Days (2017) about the London Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980.

In one of the most popular Cold War films of all time, Red Dawn (1984) The PM-63 RAK was scheduled to be the sidearm of Colonel Strelnikov but due to a shortage in Poland at the time of filming, a Finnish Jaitmatic is substituted.

The Jaitmatic can be seen in the famous train scene near the end of the film:

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Rhodesian War Stories: In The Name Of Freedom

Want to hear accounts of what modern day Communism is good for?

Look no further than the Rhodesian Bush War.

I highly recommend this guy’s channel, some AMAZING interviews.


Remember to check out the channel for more videos.

A Rhodesian war veteran talks frankly about the savage murder of a policeman

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