Know Your Weapons: The MAS 49/56

29 mph winds? I would have called it and came back when the Hurricane was gone, but still a decent shoot.

The discussion with Ian from Forgotten Weapons about the similarities of the 7.5 French to the 7.62 NATO is awesome.

Pay Attention, you just might learn something.


Lessons from Grozny: Deadly Classroom for Urban Combat



The Battle of Grozny: Deadly Classroom for Urban Combat


Cold War Weapons: The Polish PM-63

The Peculiar Pioneer Arms PM-63C Pistol


For all you “Cold War Kids” like me that grew up with 80’s action movies, This venerable Cold War classic SMG version (PM-63 RAK) can be seen in such Pre- 9/11 Hijack Action flicks like Delta Force from 1986:


and in 6 Days (2017) about the London Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980.

In one of the most popular Cold War films of all time, Red Dawn (1984) The PM-63 RAK was scheduled to be the sidearm of Colonel Strelnikov but due to a shortage in Poland at the time of filming, a Finnish Jaitmatic is substituted.

The Jaitmatic can be seen in the famous train scene near the end of the film:

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Know Your Weapons: Carl Gustav m/45B (Swedish K)

I remember the first time I heard about this gun was when I read John Plaster’s outstanding book about MAC-V-SOG in Vietnam, Secret Commando’s: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG.

If you enjoy Military History, I highly recommend this book.

Plaster is the real deal, having written one of the foremost books on Rifle Marksmanship as well, The Ultimate Sniper.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Know Your Cold War History: Operation Protea and Beyond…

Operation Protea was launched on 23 August 1981. Its objectives were to destroy the South-West Africa People’s Organisations (SWAPO) command and training center at Xangongo as well as to destroy its logistic bases at Xangongo and Ongiva. The South African forces reached Ongiva on 26 August 1981 and attacked the combined SWAPO/FAPLA forces dug in […]

Operation Protea and Beyond… — Weapons and Warfare