What are You Prepared to Do?


Regardless if we are talking about Globalist Government Gangsters, Tranny’s with Guns, Militant Black Thugs or your Garden Variety Demon Possessed Asshole, The bottom line is the Next Generation of White, Christian Children are being Murdered Wholesale.

I have been Sounding the Trumpet on this Blog until I am Blue in the Face about this.

I KNOW what Needs to be Done and I am more Than Prepared to do it.

The Million Dollar Question of the Day is if YOU are Prepared to do what needs to be Done?

Only YOU can answer that one.











Some Initial Guerilla Warfare Lessons From Ukraine

H/T American Partisan


Some Initial Guerilla Warfare Lessons From Ukraine


I kept a binder and flash drive during the Syria conflict to keep up with the multitude of Real World Lessons, specifically with Urban Sniping. I am doing the same with Ukraine.

Pay Attention, You may be tested on this Material Soon!

Train Frequently and Realistically.




If at First You Don’t Secede, Try Try Again!

Secession Movement Succeeding: Idaho House Passes “Greater Idaho” Secession Bill


“More and more, rural white Americans are discussing it.

They want to break free from the control of leftists who dominate states from “urban areas.”

Movements have arisen in California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Virginia.”


Things like this give this old Proud Southern White Boy HOPE!


Re-Calibrating Your Mentality on Guerilla Arms

By The Tactical Hermit


When your average American firearms enthusiast hears the term “Guerilla Arms” the majority of them are going to get a mental picture of a group of pissed off citizens armed with a “smorgasbord” of weapons, ranging from AR-15’s to AK-47’s to K98 bolt action rifles to Dad’s .270 Winchester Deer Rifle. The majority of this thinking comes from not only popular culture and movies but historical lessons as well where the guerilla used whatever guns they could get their hands on, with ultimately a majority of them coming from “battlefield pickups” from the enemy.

Now while conventional thinking like this is not necessarily wrong for the armed citizen/future guerilla, it is in my estimation narrow minded. Yes, America has one of the most heavily armed populaces in the world so the possibility that when the bottom falls out for whatever reason MOST people will be armed IN THE BEGINNING is not unfounded. But what about when the ammunition begins to dry up or your gun breaks down and you have no spare parts or have the know-how to fix it? This is where having an over-reliance on enemy pickups and ammunition can be a weakness. We have to remember that maintaining a self-sufficient and independent mentality exclusive from any ‘theoretical’ supply chain is key.

Impro Guns is a blog that focuses on ghost guns (3D Printed) and DIY firearms from around the globe. Most of the these guns have been confiscated from criminals in Europe and other countries where the access to firearms is extremely limited due to either draconian legal restrictions or supply limitations.

Now while most American gun enthusiast might look at these DIY jobs as “junk” or “an accident waiting to happen” I urge all of you to take a second look at this subject from a purely practical, self-sufficient POV. Discard the aesthetics. Weapons are tools, nothing more. In the coming desperate hours, months and years they will cease being status symbols and those pretty things you show off to your friends and become the dividing line between life and death, that TOOL that both put’s food in your belly and kills the enemy trying to kill you and your family.

What if the only option you have for a weapon is building a WW2-era Sten from some sheet metal and other spare parts? Don’t snicker, the direction the ATF is headed currently that could very well be a reality! What if it comes down to building a slam fire “bang stick” from some metal pipe and plumbing supplies? Could you do it?

What about reloading? Do you have the equipment and know-how? While you have been stashing away food and water have you thought about brass, primers and powder when your ammo supply goes dry?

Do you see where I am going with this folks?

We have to change our mentality if we want to TRULY be ready for what is coming. Dispense with the romantic notions of Guerilla Resistance and get down to the nitty gritty.

I am currently working on a novelette that discusses all these “probabilities” in graphic detail, so stay tuned.

Prepare Now or Pay Later.




The Evolution of the The QuadCopter in Modern Warfare

The Evolution of the QuadCopter in Modern Warfare


The pinnacle of this tactic is a Chinese-made DJI Mavic quadcopter – easy to procure, easy to fly/ navigate, it became absolutely indispensable for ISR, target spotting, artillery correction and combat missions like “kamikaze attacks”, dropping small bombs and grenades.