Texas News: Backdoor Threats to the Powergrid



Definitely read and share the article linked above!

This is 4GW 101 folks!

Winter 2021 Could be Catastrophic!

Plan and Prepare Accordingly!

The Shawn Ryan Show: Cartel Drug Operations w/Luis Chaparro

Mexican Investigative Journalist Luis Chaparro discusses how China sends men to train Drug Cartel cooks how to make Fentanyl and also how the DEA Trades Weapons to Cartels to nab so-called drug “Kingpins” who in reality have no power.


Know Your Weapons: The SKS Carbine is Still Viable After a Quarter Century

The SKS Carbine is Still Viable After a Quarter Century


For the doubters out there my kids when they were 12 years old could hit 5 gallon buckets with open sights at three hundred yards with every flavor of SKS: Norinco, Russian and Yugo.

That’s minute of man accurate packaged in a tough, dependable rifle.

Nuff’ said.

The Rise of China’s State Surveillance Machinery

The Rise of China’s State Surveillance Machinery

Make no mistake, this is happening in CONUS.

NSA Snooping on American Citizens because of their political beliefs is a full blown reality.

Prepare Accordingly.