Children Forced into Fake Families to Help Illegals Enter the US

If you guys don’t follow Ann’s blog, Frauds, Crooks and Criminals, I highly recommend it…she post REAL news about the effects of “Illegal Immigration” and “Multi-Culturalism”.

Stephen Dinan writing at the Washington Times has done a masterful job of pulling together horror stories about how children are exploited to benefit illegal aliens breaking into the US. 311 more words

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The Violent Left and White Hatred


Not that this is really “news” per se, but the The Left has declared It is now fashionable and “politically cool” to not only HATE white people, but encourage VIOLENCE against them.

Lib-Tards have been working over time as of late stirring up hatred against whites and endorsing their tired and mentally unstable dogma of “White Guilt” and “White Privilege”, two terms that are as fantastical in their definitions as unicorns and pixie dust.

The lame-stream media of course endorses and protects this fallacious crusade.

This is why you did not hear a word about the horrific murder of six month old Cole Ellerbe who was kidnapped and burned alive in Natchitoches, Louisiana last week (who was white), by a deranged black woman, but you will hear about (on endless loop) actresses on CNN (Who have the nerve to call themselves “news journalist”) tearfully tell us about the thousands of “poor, mistreated” illegal mexican children being “separated” from their parents at the border by that “gestapo” like agency called I.C.E.

You could not have a more clear cut case of a RACIAL HATE CRIME than the one committed against little Cole Ellerbe and yet the F.B.I. and our Attorney General were silent on the matter.

Maybe that is because it was recently discovered that the inept and corrupt F.B.I. are now using none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) a resource to track down organizations and individuals that spread ‘HATE”. If you know anything about the SPLC you would know that is a hilarious joke, since the SPLC is known to partner with such far-left leaning groups as the Anti-Defamation League, the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP, the National Center for Transgender Equity, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the National Organization for Women.

The SPLC’s political agenda in boosting the image of the violent left and spreading propaganda and lies about Conservatives is no mystery. READ FOR YOURSELF.

Of course liberals will tell you that all of this is a “Nationalist Delusion”.

The left does not endorse or condone killing or harming white people! The left abhors racism, right?

Well, As Long as you are talking about racism against any other race than Whites, yes, that is true.

Consider this as evidence:  That Bastion of East Coast Liberal Thought and Propaganda, The New York Times, recently hired a bonafide South Korean racist to their editorial board who likes to go on Racist Twitter rants against White People.

Parallel that story with this about President Trump:

Pastor Predicts Donald Trump Will Be ‘The Most Pro-Black President in Our Lifetime’

See what I mean? Something does not add up folks.

There is a very simple reason the Left and their media mouthpieces want to stir up racial division in this country and portray President Trump and his supporters as “racist.”

It is the same reason for this full-court press by liberals on allowing as many illegal immigrants in this country as possible, regardless if they are pedophiles, rapist or murders.

To Win the 2020 Election.

And if the increased threats and multiple ACTS OF VIOLENCE are not enough to concern you, then how about the OUTRIGHT VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?

The left will stop at nothing to not only Muzzle Conservative voices, but also DISARM them as well through the use of Gun Violence Retraining Orders (GVRO) which ironically enough, call into question the mental health of the law abiding gun owner.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand how bad a law like this could be manipulated to strip law abiding gun owners of their legally owned weapons.

With groups like ANTIFA getting more and more violent as each day passes, Conservative Armed Patriots are going to have to be especially vigilant in defending themselves in the days and months to come.

There will be More to come on this I am sure, but in the meantime, expose the lies,

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Modern Crime: The Worst Pedophile in History


For more than 40 years, William James Vahey drugged and abused hundreds of pupils at international schools around the world. A Guardian investigation reveals that, despite numerous opportunities to stop him, nothing was done.

On 21 March 2014, a 64-year-old teacher named William James Vahey checked into a cheap hotel in the tiny Minnesota town of Luverne. Vahey had spent the previous four decades teaching at international schools, from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, but he had decided to spend his final moments near his elderly mother and his brother, Chris, who both lived in Luverne.

The reservation was a decoy. At 5.20pm, Vahey crossed the road and checked in at a second hotel, a Quality Inn. He paid in cash for his room, telling the receptionist he didn’t have a credit card because he had just filed for bankruptcy. Upstairs in room 201, he undressed to his boxer shorts, folded his clothes neatly on to the coffee table and lowered himself into the bath tub, tucking a pillow behind his back.

A thousand miles south, special agents at the FBI office in Houston were waiting for a search warrant that would allow them to open a 16 gigabyte flashdrive that had recently arrived from the US embassy in Nicaragua. For the previous seven months, Vahey had been teaching history at the American Nicaraguan School, one of 193 schools around the world supported by the US government to promote US-style education. On 11 March, his housekeeper had shown up at the school gates, and handed the flashdrive in. It was part of a haul of computer kit that she had allegedly stolen from Vahey’s villa a few months earlier.

It later transpired that the drive contained photographs of at least 90 unconscious adolescent boys, naked and partially dressed. The images of abuse, which dated from 2008 to 2013, were neatly arranged into digital folders with titles such as “Panama Trip”, “Costa Rica Trip” and “Basketball Trip”. Vahey had led these field excursions while teaching at two other private international schools in Caracas and London.

The head of the American Nicaraguan School, Dr Gloria Doll, immediately confronted Vahey with the cache of images. He confessed that he had spent a lifetime drugging his pupils and abusing them. “I was molested as a boy, that is why I do this,” he told Doll, according to an FBI affidavit. “I have been doing this my whole life.” The full scale of his crimes would only emerge in the coming months: four decades of abuse at 10 international schools in eight countries from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, and from Venezuela to the UK. The FBI described him as one of the most prolific paedophiles it has ever seen. It seemed inexplicable that nothing had been done to stop him.

Read the Remainder at The Guardian

Modern Crime: Vigilante “Creep Catchers” Are Luring Pedophiles Out and Getting Them Busted


The first time Cameron Allan went creep catching, he thought he was going to get stabbed.

The New Brunswick, Canada teenager spent the morning of his 18th birthday posing as an underage girl on the internet with the goal of luring a would-be child-molester to his Saint John home and busting him on camera.

Inspired by the actions of the Creep Catcher network, a group of vigilante pedophile hunters who post videos online where they confront men who are allegedly trying to lure underage boys and girls, Allan set a fake profile on a dating site on the morning of his birthday.

He quickly started chatting up a man who was under the impression Allan was a 15-year-old girl. The guy asked to meet. Allan gave him his home address. When he showed up, Allan pointed a camera in his face and accused him of preying on minors.

“He walked maybe a foot away from me and we kinda looked each other in the eyes for a second and he had his hands in his pocket and I’m like, ‘Oh God I’m getting stabbed on my birthday,” Allan told VICE News.

Instead, the guy just hurled some profanities at Allan, then got in his car and drove away. Allan posted the video on Facebook, where it’s since been viewed more than 56,000 times.

The clip made a stir in his home town, bringing reporters and cops to his door. It also got the attention of the Creep Catcher network, and Allan is now the president of the group’s Saint John chapter.

But not everyone is comfortable with the vigilante organization. At least one man says he was wrongfully targeted by the group, and had his life ruined. Police agencies are blasting the group and their offshoots. There are concerns that a group with no accountability and no oversight could do more harm than good.

Creep Catcher was founded by Dawson Raymond, a brash, tattoo-covered 26-year-old from Calgary who says he got sick of hearing stories about child predators getting away with it.

“It’s just one after the other … and cops are literally not doing fuck all. They’re basically doing nothing and these guys are getting sentences that are just fucking ridiculous,” says Raymond.

The organization, which Raymond started last year with a few buddies, is now a coast-to-coast network with chapters in nine cities. Collectively, the members have posted dozens of videos.

“It looks so easy to outsiders but a lot of work goes into stings,” says Calgary programmer Vicky Penny, 32, the group’s webmaster, and one of its earliest members.

It starts with a fake profile on a dating site or app. The services are usually 18+, but the creep catchers use profile pictures that look barely legal.

“The creeps, they come to us. We don’t seek them out,” says Melanie, a 30-year-old member of the Edmonton chapter whose name has been changed for this story. “These guys, they fall for it because they really want to take advantage of a child.”

The conversations usually start innocently enough, but after the usual pleasantries are exchanged, the creep catcher will write something along the lines of, “I’m actually only 12, is that OK?”

Modern Crime: Indonesia Blazes a Legal Trail For America To Follow In How We Punish Sex Offenders

Desperate Times call for Desperate measures folks. Castrate a few and put a few to Death and see if things don’t change. -SF


Indonesia just approved a severe new batch of punishments for sex offenders who target children, including chemical castration and death.

“This regulation is intended to overcome the crisis caused by sexual violence against children,” Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Wednesday.

Widodo was not only referring to a general crisis, but to a specific incident last month in which a 14-year-old girl was raped and murdered by several boys while walking home from school on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Seven of the boys were arrested earlier this month, but national anger over the crime, and others like it, has not abated. Now, after a month of protests calling for stronger punishments against child sex offenders, the government has taken action.

Under Widodo’s new decree, judges presiding over cases against child sex offenders will be able to hand down punishments including chemical castration, 20 years in prison (up from 10), and death at their discretion, effective immediately (although parliament could later overturn the decree allowing these new punishments).

Even more than the death penalty, perhaps the most controversial punishment of them all is chemical castration, which involves severely lowering a person’s sex drive via certain drugs.

Over at least the past decade, there has been worldwide debate as to the efficacy of chemical castration, and Indonesia now joins South Korea, Russia, a few Eastern European nations, and several U.S. states (including California, Texas, and Florida) among governments that have legislated forcible chemical castration of some kind.

For now, Indonesia thinks such a bold measure is fitting for an incredibly consequential act.

“These crimes have undermined the development of children, and these crimes have disturbed our sense of peace, security and public order,” Widodo said yesterday. “So, we will handle it in an extraordinary way.”

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