REBEL YELL: ‘Confederados’, The South Shall Rise Again….In Brazil

Know Your History!

Vermont Folk Troth

Source – “…It’s one of history’s lesser-known episodes. After the Civil War, thousands of defeated Southerners came to Brazil to self-exile in a country that still practiced slavery. For decades, their descendants have thrown a massive party that now attracts thousands of people to the twin cities of Americana and Santa Bárbara d’Oeste to […]

REBEL YELL: ‘Confederados’, The South Shall Rise Again….In Brazil — RIELPOLITIK

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Texas Border News: Armed Cartel Members Reportedly Taunt Texas National Guard



It’s getting nasty down here on the Front Lines.

These criminal POS want to threaten us?

I say we give them a Big Texas Welcome.

How’s 671 grains of diplomacy sound Assholes?



Crime Awareness: Choosing Not to be a Victim


Listen, There is no perfect “DIY” example on how to deal with an armed robber.

That’s a PRECARIOUS situation anyway you slice it.

The Standard Response has always been if it’s only money or valuables they are after, give it to them, none of that shit is worth getting shot or killed over.

But this Video brings up some interesting points:

  • If you KNOW the people around you have got your back when the shit kicks off you are FAR more likely to go for the DISARM! All it took is for one guy to show some BALLS and BOOM! It was like a 19th Century Peasant Uprising!

  • Even though there were TWO robbers, it appears only one of them was armed with a gun. You notice when things jump off, the second robber saw the score immediately and FLED!

  • If you are not armed, never discount Improvised Weapons. Always be on the lookout for them wherever you are! Pool cues, broom handles, chairs, etc.

According to a good friend of mine who works in Central and South America, the street thugs there are often armed with homemade or really shitty “throw-away” firearms that are barely functional. The people who live in these areas are aware of this fact!

Sites like Impro Guns show you what kind of DIY modified street weapons are floating around out there.

Another recent video out of Brazil confirms the kind of guns these POS often use.

When the shop owner disarms the robber and goes to shoot him, the gun malfunctions, so he beats him with it!

What is a Gun that does not shoot? a CLUB!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Shawn Ryan Show: Cartel Drug Operations w/Luis Chaparro

Mexican Investigative Journalist Luis Chaparro discusses how China sends men to train Drug Cartel cooks how to make Fentanyl and also how the DEA Trades Weapons to Cartels to nab so-called drug “Kingpins” who in reality have no power.


Modern Crime: Balkan Gangs Supervise Cocaine Trade from Colombia and Across Europe

Balkan Gangs Supervise Cocaine Trade from Colombia and Across Europe


For some Scope and Background check out The Cocaine Pipeline to Europe.