Mariel Boatlift 2.0 Disaster: Venezuela’s devious plan to flood America

Mariel Boatlift 2.0 Disaster: Venezuela’s devious plan to flood America


According to my sources on the Border in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas this is happening in real time folks: A Venezuelan Invasion of criminals being assisted by the Biden Adminstration.

This is a repeat of the 1980 Cuba Mariel Boat Lift where Castro emptied his insans asylums and prisons on the U.S.

What really chaps my ass is the Biden White House is trying to sell the same old rotten “Humanitarian” bill of goods the Carter White House used with the Cubans 40 years ago.

Make no mistake folks, the majority of these people coming across from Venezuela are NOT “war torn refugees” but hardened criminals (rapist and murderers) who belong in a cage.

How much more Illegal Crime can this Country take before something snaps?


Texas News: More Casualties from the Illegal Invasion


Slew of Migrant Break-Ins Forces Owner to Sell Family BBQ Joint in Texas Border Town


You won’t hear news like this from the MSM propaganda spigots.

This Federally mandated and funded ILLEGAL brown invasion is literally destroying small family businesses all along the Border.

This is the ULTIMATE GOAL of the current Federal administration folks: DESTROY AMERICA!

Stand up to Federal Tyranny and Support Texas Independence and Soverignty.



Crime Awareness: Another Case of Immigrant Mass Murder

In Alabama, Another Case Of Immigrant Mass Murder?



What makes atrocities like this so bad is it was 100% Preventable.

Simply Put, This is Pre-Meditated Murder on the Part of the Federal Government.


Prepare Accordingly.

Texas News/FUSA Bulletin: San Antonio Opens Migrant Center; 196K Travel Through City Since April 2021

Great Replacement Update: San Antonio Opens Migrant Center; 196K Travel Through City Since April 2021


It’s got to the point now where the Federal Cocksucker’s don’t even try to hide it anymore, they are sponsoring and aiding a literal invasion.

FYI: San Antonio is now Ground Zero for this Sponsored Invasion.

If there was ever more evidence needed for TEXIT, I don’t know where you could find it.


Been Thinking A Lot About Pinochet Lately…

Lyrics Translated