The Cut-Throat Cartel


Great read on the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Rise of the “Sicarias”.

Stay Frosty and Armed Folks, this CRIMINAL INSURGENCY is going on just south of the border and is a bigger threat that anything  across the Atlantic I can assure you.

South Of The Border – AFV Sector —

Good to see others are keeping their head on a swivel.

I have constantly been telling folks for years stop worrying about an enemy 3,000 miles away when you have one at your doorstep.

Stay Vigilant.


H/t to the reader who sent: Lots of additional material at the link, including this piece: (Click to embiggen)

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Arizona Border Recon on Irish TV

Any Publicity is GOOD publicity and I am glad more International News Agencies are taking an Interest in the Good Fight Tim Foley and ABR are putting up on our Southern Border.

Like Tim, I Urge everybody to EDUCATE themselves on the GRAVE REALITY of what is happening on our Southern Border.



Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Texas News: Democrat State Rep Poncho Nevárez Caught on Camera Dropping Cocaine at Airport

I could not write a political farce this good if I tried.😂

Another TX beaner Blue marxist cartel puppet goes down in flames. 👍

If only this could happen to every other latino socialist in the TX House and Senate!

Gee America, I wonder if Poncho Nevárez has Mexican Cartel connections? Maybe not, but this story does make one wonder. Nevárez has bonded out of jail after being caught dropping an envelope with cocaine inside. Here’s more from KXAN Austin: AUSTIN (Nexstar) — State Rep. Poncho Nevárez, D-Eagle Pass, has bonded out of jail after…

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Favela Firepower

The Face you make when you discover real life is not like a Call of Duty Video Game.

No Respawns for you!👍😄

Impro Guns

Two typical Brazilian street weapons – a homemade submachine gun and 12 gauge shotgun displayed by a recently arrested suspect.

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Seized homemade .380 submachine gun (ES, Brazil)

A homemade .380 SMG seized earlier this month from a group of escaped convicts in Vila Velha, Brazil.

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The School of Terror

The School of Terror: Inside a Jalisco Cartel Training Camp in Mexico


This is how hard your enemies are training, what about you?

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!