A School In Florida Is Not Messing Around When It Comes To Security

Makes a helluva lot more sense than fantasy Gun Free Zones!!

Let’s stop gambling with our kids lives and GET REAL ABOUT SCHOOL SECURITY.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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A School In Florida Is Not Messing Around When It Comes To Security
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7 Signs a Weapon is Being Concealed

7 Signs A Weapon Is Being Concealed That You Should Know

Extremely practical knowledge every armed and unarmed citizen needs to know.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


RKBA News: Anti-Gun Bias in a Campus Carry KU Classroom Gets Shut Down!

Pro-2A Student Shuts Down Anti-Gun Syllabus


My Grandpa was fond of saying, “There is nothing more dangerous than an educated fool!”

And you can see that adage in full living color when you visit most University campuses nowadays, especially when it comes to Campus Carry.

Another great example of why we and our kids need to be armed with FACTS when it comes to gun violence, active shooters and campus carry because

 “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

                                     -Ronald Reagan

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Get The Facts: Exposing the Truth Behind March for Our Lives

Well spent eight minutes exposing some pretty heinous and evil stuff that the left wants you to believe is a “grass roots” student movement.


I also urge you guys to check out FrontPageMag and all the links associated with this video, some really good information there.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Stay Informed and Stay Dangerous!

Moron of the Month Award

School District Arms Students With Boatload of Rocks to Defend Against Shooters


This supports my long held theory that in the mind of the liberal moron, the most obvious and practical solution to a problem is NEVER the answer.

Instead of arming staff and teachers with FIREARMS let’s just install five gallon buckets of rocks in each classroom and put really good locks on the doors.

And as Bill Engvall famously said:    “Here’s Your Sign…..”



Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!