USMC Camouflage SOP – A guide to reduce physical signature under UAS

The Fieldcraft Book

Good Stuff.
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Badlands Fieldcraft

A friend of mine recently sent this to me and I think it’s a great resource for current Fieldcraft ideas. It appears to have been compiled very recently by Marines stationed down in my old stomping ground’s at the Deuce Nasty, or Twentynine Palms.

I’m glad there’s still people dedicated to writing down the lessons learned by so many in the field. Sadly so much information like this disappears after time if it isn’t written down.

I especially love the quote on the back cover: “The more you know, the less you carry.”

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Junk on the Bunk: Cold Weather Clothing and Layering

Badlands Fieldcraft

Randy’s mom could teach us all a thing or two about layering..

We need to “dress for success” to be effective in extreme conditions. Our clothing choices become more important the harsher the climate and longer we intend to stay out in the bush. Since winter is upon us I’d like to share my lessons learned on cold weather clothing.

I don’t treat my clothing any different than I would any other tools; they need to be the right tool for the job to start with. I judge all my tools by how they perform and not by how they look or any other bias’. Whenever people discuss gear there always seems to be bias (caliber debates anyone?), but I really do try to avoid it as best I can. As MSG Dan Morgan said, we have to be ruthless in our gear selection.

Having lived, worked and trained most…

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Front Toward Enemy

Destructive Devices


Every time I see anything about Claymores I remember the scene from Platoon where Taylor in the stress of combat, forgets to click the Claymore safety off as they are getting way layed by Charlie.

FYI Troop: Don’t forget to click the safety off or it won’t go bang!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Fieldcraft: Estimating Height and Width in the Field

From the Archives, 2016


How to Estimate the Heights and Widths of Objects in the Field

A FOUNDATIONAL “Analog” skill-set men need to have and not depend on technology for.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!