UK: Conservative MP Stabbed To Death By Somali Was A Strong Supporter Of Black Lives Matter

A White man who supported militant black power groups and the destruction of his own country by invading hordes is murdered by them.

It’s the status quo of a multi-culturalist failed society.


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More Clown World Diversity

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Florida County Named After Gen. Robert E. Lee Could Soon Be Renamed in Honor of Bruce Lee


If this is not a case of neo-liberalism clown world convenience I don’t know what is.

Basically, a small minority group of lib-cuck marxist saw an opportunity to double-down on political correctness by getting rid of Southern Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s name and replacing it with that of a chinese martial artist “pop-culture icon” entertainer Bruce Lee.

I am sure the 86% of White People in Lee County, Florida really appreciate having their county renamed after an asian drug addict.

But hey what can you do?

Liberals love glorifying Non-White drug addict felons! Besides re-naming streets and counties after them, they even build Statues to them!

Cultural Marxsim is really a DISEASE folks, a terrible, debilitating disease that destroys societies from within.

Beware of the marxist practice of Damnatio Memoriae.

The next name they could erase may be your own.

FBI: Murders Up 4,901 in 2020, Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5%

FBI: Murders Up 4,901 in 2020, Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5%

Meanwhile Illegal Aliens are committing Sexual Assaults on women and children at an unprecedented rate and liberal cuck “Sanctuary Sheriffs” are letting them walk free.

And if all of that was not enough we have tens of thousands of homeless muslim Afghan “Evacuees” flooding in.

The Government is not going to help you folks because they are the ones orchestrating this CHAOS.

You are on your own.

Network with Local Like Minded Folks,Train Hard and Prepare Accordingly.



Race Realism: Black Gunshot Victims Up 89% During Racial Reckoning

Black Gunshot Victims Up 89% During Racial Reckoning

So Black Lives Matter huh?

You could have fooled me.

As history has proven for the last four hundred plus years, the worst enemy of the BLACK MAN is THE BLACK MAN.

The Truth about Black on White Hate Crimes

More Than 15 Civil Rights Groups Inadvertently Confirm Hate Crimes in America Disproportionately Committed by Blacks


Unless you have your head in the sand or up your own ass for the past few years this should not come as a huge surprise.

It’s not going to get any better only worse.

Face facts and Prepare Accordingly.