Liberals and Conservatives Don’t Understand History

Liberals and Conservatives Don’t Understand History


“As the left and center-right continue to battle it out over a culture war the left has already won, it’s important to note that neither side cares about the truth. They are simply using narratives to fulfill their own short term pointless objectives. The reality is that race – a biological construct – is very real and is historically significant. Admitting that a historical figure was racist isn’t an own goal like conservatives believe. Rather it is a statement of fact – people in the past favoured their own group and relentlessly pushed their interests. The reaction of our people should be to understand this, and to explain that all non-White groups behaved in exactly the same way. The British Empire expanded and enslaved, just as the Ottoman and Mongol Empires did as well.

The dumbing down of education is one of the most significant factors causing all this besides minority activism. The history curriculum is so diabolical that a balanced understanding of the subject is almost impossible for young people to learn. Instead it requires youngsters to go out of their way to buy history books or go online to find the truth, something which only a minority of them are interested in doing. Nothing can stop us remembering the heroes of the past, as their greatness is far beyond anything their modern detractors are capable of. However, in order for their memory to be understood by the population-at-large, a new education system is needed.”



White Culture: Say Goodbye to “Minorities” and Make Way for the “Global Majority”

Say Goodbye to “Minorities” and Make Way for the “Global Majority”


Even though the Great Replacement is happening, they’ll deny it’s happening while celebrating the fact that it’s happening, and they’ll call you crazy for daring to notice that it’s happening. That’s precisely how twisted they are. And if you get mad about the web of lies they spin like a noose around your throat, they’ll simply say, “See? He’s crazy! Told you so!”

A little over a century ago in The Rising Tide of Color: The Threat Against White World-Supremacy, Lothrop Stoddard warned that whites would eventually drown in a tide of population surges by other groups.

In 1913, the combined population of Europe and “Western offshoots” was about one-third of the total global populace. Whites currently comprise about 16% of the world’s population, a quotient that is expected to fall to 10% by 2060.

Whites have always been a global minority, but they’re en route to becoming an even tinier minority than ever before, all while the global propaganda machine has demonized their very existence. Why does this sound like a bad movie plot?

Ever since I was a kid, being a minority was considered a good thing. Well, it was a bad thing in the sense that you were presumed to suffer constant oppression from incurably cruel whites, but we were taught that the role of government was to protect the weak and marginalized from bullying. So one is to presume that when whites achieve minority status, this will be a good thing . . . right?

Say hello to the global majority — i.e., what we used to refer to as “minorities”:

Global majority is a collective term for ethnic groups which constitute approximately 80 per cent of the global population . . .

The term was used as early as 2003 as a way to challenge the normativity of a Eurocentric perspective. Its proponents argue that terms like “ethnic minority” marginalize the skills, the ways of thinking, and the lived experiences of those from African, Asian, indigenous, or dual-heritage backgrounds. These terms were therefore seen as racializing ethnicity.

For years the British media has been using the acronym BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) as an umbrella term for all non-whites in the United Kingdom. In 2020, spurred into hastily guilty action over the death of model citizen George Floyd, the Church of England stopped using the clunky term “United Kingdom Minority Ethnic” (UKME) in favor of the even clunkier “United Kingdom Minority Ethnic/Global Majority Heritage” (UKME/GMH). This was apparently done to remind indigenous Britons that although ethnic invaders may still be a minority in England, they are a majority worldwide and can sweep them up in a tsunami of color whenever they wish. It’s frightening to think that the global majority is perched right outside of your tiny island, staring you down at all times.

England’s Westminster City Council recently moved to drop the term “BAME” and replace it with “global majority” in an attempt to be more “inclusive and diverse” toward everyone except indigenous Britons. An official statement read:

We do not use the terms BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) and BME (black and minority ethnic) because they emphasise certain ethnic minority groups (Asian and black) and exclude others . . . The terms can also mask disparities between different ethnic groups and create misleading interpretations of data. . . . Similarly, we do not use people of colour as it doesn’t include white minorities. Our aim is to look and tackle inequalities and disparities wherever they are seen. That’s what we are doing through the levelling-up agenda.

What is a “white minority,” you ask? It’s anyone in the UK who is not English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or Romani. In other words, the Westminster City Council is pitting everyone in the world, even whites who aren’t native to the British Isles, against its own indigenous population.

I’m not sure why the Romani wound up on the “wrong side of history,” but I’ve never liked them anyway, so I shed no tears.

But the term “global majority” is being adopted by non-whites across this dying planet.

I’m Embracing the Term ‘People of the Global Majority’,” writes a slope named Daniel Lim in a self-published article for Medium:

The term “people of color” centers whiteness even as it attempts to be an affirming identity label for non-white people. The term perpetuates the pernicious idea that whiteness is the default and white people therefore have no particular race. Race is a special identity marker that is only assigned to people who are not white; who are the other. Race comes with color. Non-white people are subsequently of color by virtue of not being color-free, white people. . . . The term “people of the global majority” affirms non-white people’s inherent power as the majority of the world’s population. This is in contrast to the fact that people of color in the U.S. are often considered minorities even as they will outnumber white people in the country by as early as 2050. . . . It enables global solidarity against white supremacy without cultural erasure.

In other words, so long as whites are being erased from the global discussion, non-whites can oppose them and bask in their own newfound racial power while pretending they’re against racism. We can be inclusive so long as we exclude whites. The minute that whites have been officially acknowledged as a minority, the roles have switched: Minorities are no longer in need of protection, and the majority is no longer a bully.

The lies have been stacked so high, it can cause a peckerwood like me to faint.




Hating the Saxon

Hating the Saxon: The Academic Battle Against The English Origin Story


While reading this I was reminded of Orwell’s quote:

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

Neo-Liberal Academia have been trying to revise, distort and marginalize the history of the White race to fit their agenda and worldview for over a century but the TRUTH always prevails in the end.





Historical Vault 21: Anglo-Saxon England

For all my fellow White History Buff’s out there I wanted to let you know about a WP blog called Historical Vault 21  who recently did a really superb collection of post about Anglo-Saxon England.

As White Folk, we should never feel guilty or ashamed about Celebrating our Heritage!

We owe it to the Next Generation and for all Generations that Follow!

Be PROUD of Your Roots!






Domari Nolo.

A Re-Evaluation of the Life, Politics, and Philosophy of Enoch Powell

A Re-Evaluation of the Life, Politics, and Philosophy of Enoch Powell


When I read about the life and work of Enoch Powell I am reminded of the scripture:

“And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.” -Matthew 13:57

You cannot say you were not warned Great Britain.

You sowed to the Wind, Now you will Reap the Whirlwind.


River of Blood Speech (Full Text)