Britain’s Vietnam War

Know Your History!

Very eye-opening and informative 8 minutes.


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I have said it many times before, but what is happening in the U.K. and Europe as a whole regarding illegal immigration and the muslim takeover of entire cities is a CAUTIONARY TALE to us here in America.

If you let Liberal Globalist have their way, this is what happens to your country, pure and simple.

It’s time to take a firm stand against Illegal Immigration and the Hostile Muslim Takeover of America.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Mills’ Marauders – Last Stand at South Georgia 1982

So much military history of the 20th Century has been forgotten..let’s honor these brave men and in the process learn something or another about honor and integrity.

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Find out the forgotten story of how 22 Royal Marines faced down an Argentine invasion of a remote British Antarctic colony in April 1982.

Mark Felton Productions

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Meanwhile in the U.K…

They are Showing the Whole World they are a POLICE STATE.

Not sure if any of you have been following Tommy Robinson’s run for MEP, but overall I have found the way the Police have been treating him during his Campaign Events as SUSPECT.

Extremely Biased Behavior toward Muslims, and not toward the RULE OF LAW.




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We Politely, But Audaciously Refuse Learned Helplessness

We Politely, But Audaciously, Refuse Learned Helplessness


Willingness is a Statement of Mind. Readiness is a Statement of Fact.

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WW2 History: 40 Facts about the Blitz

The Blitz Spirit – 75 years on!

‘WE CAN take it!’ That was the unofficial motto of the British people in 1940 as bombs began to rain down during the Second World War. To celebrate that iron resolve we reveal 40 fascinating facts about one of the most stirring episodes in our history…

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What Did “Migrant” Kasim Khuram Do in Britain?

Great Britain continues to be a massive cautionary tale when it comes “open borders” and liberal immigration policies.

Illegal migrant muslim necrophiliacs running loose around the countryside. A Lovely Picture.

Trigger Reset

Seems like Kasim and THIS freak have something in common…

They both were “Lookin’ for Love in All the Wrong Places”…

A burglar who had sex with a corpse after breaking into a funeral parlour has been jailed for six years.

Kasim Khuram, 23, had sex with a woman’s body after lifting the lids of coffins at the Central England Co-Operative undertakers in Walsall Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, on 11 November.

Khuram disturbed nine coffins during a drug-induced psychosis.

Sentencing at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Melbourne Inman QC said the crimes “offend all human sensitivity”.

“I am not aware of – and nor have I been able to find – any similar case. It would be difficult to think of a greater depravation of the dignity of the dead,” he said.

Khuram, of Kenilworth Road, Aston, forced his way into the parlour at about 03:00 GMT while high on Mamba…

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