Texas News: Great Replacement In San Antonio Makes Case For Immigration Moratorium

Venezuelan Immigrant: Great Replacement In San Antonio Makes Case For Immigration Moratorium

For the sake of preserving our constitutional republic, the GOP needs to take the National Question seriously.

Nothing short of a multi-decade immigration moratorium is needed to protect America from a Third World demographic avalanche.



America’s Forgotten

Immigrant Filmmaker Learns the Magnitude of Illegal Immigration Problem


This Documentary verifies something many of us have known for decades:

Communist liberals ENABLE and SUPPORT Illegal Immigration, Drug Smuggling and Human Trafficking into the U.S.

You can stream this Documentary free of charge HERE.

Borderland Beat Shut Down

Borderland Beat Shut Down


Just discovered one of the absolute BEST websites for REAL and ACCURATE news on Mexican Drug Cartels and U.S. Southern Border Drug Violence has been Shut down due to a lawsuit filed by the Milenio Drug Cartel.

I hope these guys can recover and get back Online Soon!

Keep Your Chin Up Guys!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Mass Migration is Changing America,White Population Declining

I’ve joked over the years and said if the majority of ‘new Americans’ voted for Republicans, Democrats would be standing at the borders with pitchforks forcing them to go home! 406 more words

Mass Migration is Changing America,White Population Declining — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

Soros Funded Illegal Alien Caravan 2020 UPDATE

Mexican President AMLO Is Heading The Honduran Caravanners Off At The Pass

Thanks again to President Trump’s tireless Diplomacy, Mexico is again GUARDING their Border with vigilance and determination.

Personally, I would just Shoot the worthless bastards and call it “Quelling and attempted uprising” or something along those lines, but that is just me. 😜👍

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!