Every Man Dies Alone

This Fantastic Book was made into a Movie starring Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson called Alone in Berlin. I Highly Recommend it to all my fellow WW2 Historians out there.

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Until ten years ago Hans Fallada was a forgotten German novelist who had a moderately successful career until the rise of the Nazis. When he died in a sanatorium in 1947, Fallada was struggling with a long term addiction to opiates and alcohol, and was barely making a living as a freelance writer. Fallada died of heart failure just weeks before the release of his masterwork Every Man Dies Alone. This haunting novel is about a German couple who defy the Nazi regime by distributing anti-Hitler postcards around Berlin .The fictional husband and wife were based on real-life working-class Berliners Otto and Elise Hampel who were executed for circulating anti-Nazi flyers.

Fallada, and his greatest book, were virtually unknown outside of Germany until the American publisher Melville House released an English language edition in 2009. It is a moving story of resistance to tyranny that has added resonance in this…

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American Militias after the Civil War: From Black Codes to the Black Panthers and Beyond

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Originally authored by our friends over at Ammo.com, this is the second half of their excellent historical analysis of militias in the US, running up to the Bundy Standoff and Malhuer Wildlife Refuge occupation. The critical takeaway is the coverage of militias on both sides of the ideological aisle and causes, ranging from post-Reconstruction era…

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August 15, 1769 – 2019 Marks 250 Years Since the Birth of Napoleon — Legal Legacy

Historical Non-Fiction Book of the Month and History Corrected Book Recommendation.

If you just read one book on the Life of Napoleon, read this one.

Most people have no impression of Napoleon other than one of his being short, pompous, exiled, and apt to keep one hand inside his coat. A recent and magnificent biography by Andrew Roberts, Napoleon: A Life, helps to dispel the myths and misinformation, and to edify readers about Napoleon’s brilliance, achievements, and innovations. Many of […]

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Two New “Military Action Thriller” Authors Not to Miss

Let’s be honest.

The Military Action Thriller genre is crowded and stale and has become in the last decade boring and un-original.

I can name over a dozen authors of this genre whose stories and lead characters could be interchanged with one another and a majority of them would tie in together seamlessly. Not Good!

If ever a genre needed some fresh talent, aka a “Shot in the Arm” as it were, it is now!

Well, thank your lucky stars, because I have discovered two authors who I think, can do just that.

Both of them have Real World Military experience and it comes shining through in their writing.


Sean Parnell is an author who some of you fellow Military history buffs may recognize.

He wrote the superb non-fiction account Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, infidels and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan.

Being a Infantry Captain in the elite US Army 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan, Parnell definitely has the background and experience to write a “Military Action” novel!

I am big on trying not to include spoilers, so I will keep this short.

The novel is a thrill ride with teeth!

Eric Steele, the main protagonist is one bad hombre, but Parnell does not go overboard with it. He let’s Steele’s humanity and humor shine through.

Parnell’s style of writing is pretty standard for this genre with authenticity and realism being paramount. From the locations to the gear and weapons, you can tell the author has first hand knowledge.

The Second book in the Eric Steele series, All Out War will be released September 3rd.

Overall Rating: 8/10


Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL and sniper with 20 years military experience.

Carr’s main protagonist, James Reece is a dangerous man full of loss and heartache.

Boiled down, this is a tale of revenge on an epic scale!

I will be honest and say I preferred Carr’s writing style more than Parnell’s. Both authors write descriptively and keep authenticity and realism at the forefront, but Carr has more of a rich, narrative style that actually paints that mental picture for you and places you right in the middle of the action! I will also add that Carr’s character development throughout the book is top notch.

My one big complaint with the book is like most every book that has been written by former Spec-Ops operators, it must go through a screening process by the Department of Defense. Well, for some reason the author decided to show the actual blacked out redactions in the manuscript. There are not a lot, I counted only a few, but still, I think this going a bit overboard for a work of fiction!

Carr’s second book, in the James Reece series, True Believer will be released July 30th.

Overall Rating: 9/10


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Military History Book’s to Read for 2019

Got a lot of catching up to do, but here are some that are on Tap for Summer/Fall.


Rick Atkinson who authored The Liberation Trilogy, quite possibly one of the finest WWII Trilogies ever written, has authored another Trilogy, this one on the Revolutionary War.

The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777   is Book 1 of the trilogy, with the other two volumes to be released some time in 2020.

When it comes to Biographies, I am way behind also, but this is one I am definitely reading first. George Marshall: Defender of the Republic.

My World War II list always has room for another entry when it comes to Spies and Saboteurs and this one is especially interesting as it deals with the sabotage of the Nazi Atomic Bomb.  The Bastard Brigade: The True Story of the Renegade Scientist and Spies who Sabotaged the Nazi Atomic Bomb.

On the Modern Warfare Front, and a very relevant topic as late is Shadow Strike: Inside Israel’s Secret Mission to Eliminate Syrian Nuclear Power.

I have been meaning to read more books about the Korean and Vietnam Wars and will start with these two from two Authors I highly respect.

The First is On Desperate Ground: The Marines at the Reservoir, The Korean War’s Greatest Battle. by Hampton Sides.

And the Second is Hue 1968: A Turning Point in the American War in Vietnam by Mark Bowden.

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A World War Two Book Pairing

Every once in a while I come across a Non-Fiction and Fiction book that need to read together.

Jeff Shaara made a name for himself with Civil War Historical Fiction titles such as Gods and Generals and The Killer Angels but his WW2 offerings are just as good IMHO. The Rising Tide is the first in Shaara’s World War Two Quadrilogy.  It recounts the North African Campaign and the early days of the Sicilian campaign as seen from Allied and Axis Viewpoints. One of the beauties of Shaara as a writer is his ability to give the reader a broad perspective of the war while a the same time constructing solid, personable characters that give you exacting details.

Rick Atkinson’s An Army at Dawn, the first book in his Liberation Trilogy. It Recounts the Allied North African campaign in stark detail, covering strategy and tactics, biographical data on Field Commanders and eye witness accounts of such famous battles as El Alamein and Kasserine Pass.

Read together, these two books compliment one another in fantastic ways. So often people think of military history books as boring, plain or tedious, and granted, some of them are. But when you combine Rick Atkinson’s flowing narration style along with Jeff Shaara’s descriptive prose, you get an experience that not only will inform and educate but entertain and delight as well.

Happy Reading!

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Book Review: The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist Revisited, by J.C. Bowers, Sc. D.

This ‘must have’ book was written in 2012, and is an analysis of the section in W. Cleon Skousen’s book, ‘The Naked Communist,’ who, in 1958, documented the top…

Source: Book Review: The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist Revisited, by J.C. Bowers, Sc. D.