Myths about Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Myths about Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight


If you carry a Handgun for Self-Defense you should dedicate a LARGE block of your monthly training to knife attacks.

They happen more frequently than you think and due to Hollyweird and Fantasy Gunfight Training most armed civilians and sadly a large percentage of law enforcement have no clue how to properly deal with them.

If you can still find them, check out Kelly McCann’s Combative Pistol/Knife and Dog Brothers Die Less Often DVD’s.

They are two of the most Practical/No bullshit pieces of training regarding how to “deal” with violent street knife attacks.




Prepare Accordingly and Train Realistically!

Military History: Bayonets in 2021 – Why Do They Persist?



Great read on the Bayonet and it’s role in Modern Warfare.

Never discount something because it’s been around a while, they are often the most practical and deadly items around!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Fight Like A Girl and Other Lessons From a Stabbing

Fight Like A Girl And Other Lessons From A Stabbing


Really great read for not only Women but also Men; sometimes it pays to analyze and critique an attack like this in terms of what you were taught; what worked, what did not not and what you can do to IMPROVE your odds next time.

This statement really struck home:

“Self defense is a lose/lose situation. Even if you win, you’ve lost. You have been attacked or victimized in some way. All of your attempts at avoidance, evasion and deescalation have failed. You’ve already lost your battle to some level and now the goal is to lose less and survive.”

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Yes the Second Amendment includes Edged Weapons, So why do we still have MORONIC knife laws?


I am not sure why a majority of people forget that when the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791 the word “arms” actually included edged/bladed weapons. It was as common place then for the average citizen to carry a small, utilitarian fixed blade dirk or dagger upon their person as a general tool just like it is now for your average sheeple to carry an iPhone (and have the situational awareness of a 2 year old in the process but we will come back to that one.)

So if the right to carry a knife is included under the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, then why are present day knife laws in America so damn restrictive and ass backwards?

In my home State of Texas, Knife laws were revised in 2013 and 2017 to do away with the “ambiguity” of the definition of an illegal knife. In a nutshell, this includes legalizing switchblades and fixed blade knives with blades longer than 5.5″ (these are called Location Specific knives and cannot be carried in certain locations as listed in Penal Code 46.03)

A recent article in Bearing Arms talks about the proposed abolishment of the swtichblade ban in Louisiana and begs the question why this is not happening in other states. As of right now 14 states have repealed their switchblade bans.

The back story on how and why the Switchblade knife was made illegal nationwide is an important and interesting read mainly because it parallels the Assault Weapons Ban and HOW nanny state socialist liberals and their media cronies influence and pervert the public perception with bias and lies.

Now we need to work on legalizing blackjacks and expandable batons next because why should a man be allowed to carry a cocked and locked 1911 and not a piece of braided leather with a fishing weight in the end?

Stay Alert, Stay Informed, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!