Another Racial Hoax Foiled

Another Racial Hoax Foiled


The title of this article SHOULD have been “Another Lying Dindu Case Foiled” because just like Jussie Smollett and the famous Air Force Academy “Racist Graffiti” Scandal the so-called “offended party” was BLACK, not WHITE.

It’s also interesting to me that the Godmother of Rachel Richardson (the only black Volleyball starter for Duke University) is Texas Criminal Lawyer Lesa Pamplin.

Always helps to have a wealthy black lawyer in the family who knows how to sue the “deep pockets” I suppose.

Why is it every time we hear about these hoax claims it is black’s hurling the accusations?

The bedrock problem here is that black people historically love to play the victim, why?

Because historically it has always got them PAID and garnered tons of media attention (because the MSM loves a black victim story) and to black people money and fame is the #1 goal with a close second being pretending to be victims of those pesky MAGA people, who Grandpa Joe has told us are a “Clear and Present Danger” to the safety of the United States! Honk Honk!

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a walk down Racial Hoax memory lane, shall we?

Remember the Nascar Noose hoax?  How about the Oakland Lake Merritt Noose Hoax? Who could forget the fake racist graffitti at Kansas State?

And of course nobody could forget the #1 Fake racist hoax of all time (and just overall solid gold douche bag) Jussie Smollett.

What’s really hilarious to me is that while Black People love to play the Victim they also love to use the very tactics they were “liberated” from during the Civil Rights Movement such as SEGREGATION.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

In 2022 on a college campus in California, white people are being forcefully segregated with the FULL support of the College Faculty and Administration and not surprisingly, from the brain dead Biden White House, who unashamedly backs the bogus ideal of “white privilege.”

“While the Democrats and their liberal supporters battle the wave of supposed racism sweeping the nation, they harp on the advantages given to white people throughout the history of America. The idea of white privilege has only expanded thanks to the liberal left targeting the group of people they often label colonizers. Although the left might act like they want a united country, Tucker Carlson recently detailed how the Biden administration is supporting a housing building near UC Berkeley as they ban white people from common areas.”

*Next on the agenda is Hate Crime Hoaxes, so stay tuned!




FUSA Bulletin: This is What Liberal Black Leadership Get’s You

Wakanda Isn’t Real: In 83% Black Jackson, Mississippi, City’s Primary Water Treatment Fails and Water Service Stops

This is about par for the course when you put marxist blacks in charge of anything or when you Put your Faith in ANY type of Government (Local, State or Federal) to “Take Care of You”.

Answer: It turns to Shit in a Hurry.

Take a look at any East Coast Shit Hole run by Liberal Black’s and Brown’s and the story is Always the same: Anarchy and Bankruptcy!

Never Trust Government to take care of You, Especially Marxist Blacks who would gladly rather poison White People than Govern them.

Quote of the Day:

“You can’t maintain a First World infrastructure with a Third World population.”

Make no Mistake Folks, this is all Part of the Globalist Plan to Destroy this Country Brick By Brick.

I mean what better way to initiate a collapse than put Inept, Entitled, Woke Blacks in Charge!

Prepare Accordingly!


The Truth About Hate Crimes in America

H/T Renegade Tribune




Do you Need a Better Reason to Stay Armed 24/7?

Prepare Accordingly

FUSA Bulletin: A White Person’s Guide of How to Survive in Atlanta

Life For White People In Atlanta, America’s Black Mecca: Police Officer Offers Tips How Not To Get Robbed By Blacks As You Fuel Up Your Car At Gas Stations


Life in the Black Mecca.

Police are now instructing white citizens how to survive a carjacking as they simply try and fill their gas tanks.

Is it any different for white people than what they face in post-Apartheid South Africa?

We don’t have to live like this.

We really don’t.



Black Nationalist Thugs Storm Nursing Home in North Carolina

Black nationalist who led dozens to storm a retirement home in search of 87-year-old Emmett Till accuser


The Burn Loot and Murder Squad have moved on from burning down cities and looting Target stores to storming Retirement Homes and threatening an elderly White Woman with lynching for a case that happened 67 years ago regarding Emmett  Till.

Imagine if the tables were reversed and a group of White Nationalist did the same thing?

There would be a public outcry of Senate Inquiries and Federal Hate Crime Charges being filed!

Just another Pathetic Example of American Racial Hypocrisy and how deeply embedded Anti-White Sentiment is rooted in Modern American culture.