More Foreign Invasion Casualities: Somali Muslim charged with murder in fatal shooting of young mother in Grand Forks

Somali Muslim Felon charged with murder in fatal shooting of young mother in Grand Forks


Another totally preventable Black on White Crime.

Neither news source states whether this POS was an illegal or not, (highly probable) but the fact is he was a felon says it says it all.

There is also the high probability this was another White woman sexually invovled with a black man which as crime statitistics show, NOTHING good ever comes of (the inter-breeding or the eventual violence against the white woman, which is almost always murder.)

If you do not believe the above stat, just look at how many Black on White Homicides that occurred in August 2021 were White Women involved with Black men.


Remember Dustin Wakefield

White Father Dining with his Family in Miami Fatally Shot By Black Shooter high on Drugs who Danced on Top of his Lifeless Body


Another senseless act of Black on White Violence that is rampant all over the World.

My Deepest Sympathy and Condolences go out to the Wakefield Family in their time of grief.

Choose Now not to be a Victim.

Prepare Accordingly.


Ambush-Style Shootings Of Police Up 126% So Far In 2021

A Very Nasty, Eye Opening Stat you will not hear any of the Pravda “news” networks.

The Best way to Be Prepared for an Ambush is to know of it’s Existence beforehand.

Prepare Accordingly.


Anew report releasedby the Fraternal Order of Police seeks to draw attention to an ongoing trend of criminals — most of them black — calling the police in order to ambush them.

The August 2nd release states that there have so far been 52 ambushes this year, a rise of 126% over 2020. 2020wasthe deadliest yearfor law enforcement in history.

Out of 185 line of duty deaths in 2021, 35 cops were killed bygunfire. In deliberate terrorist ambushes, 67 policemen have been shot, 17 fatally.

Ambush-Style Shootings Of Police Up 126% So Far In 2021

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Bradley Gledhill was just 20-years-old when he was attacked and beaten and stabbed to death by a gang of six Muslim men. Have you heard of Bradley Gledhill, and if not, why not?

One thing that pisses me off is people that bury their heads in the Sand in regards to Hate Crime Violence against WHITES.

In this ass backwards society Social Outrage is only accceptable when any race OTHER THAN WHITES are killed?

Your Hypocrisy and Agenda are nauseating.

Stand up against the Rising of the Tide.


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The Truth about Black on White Hate Crimes

More Than 15 Civil Rights Groups Inadvertently Confirm Hate Crimes in America Disproportionately Committed by Blacks


Unless you have your head in the sand or up your own ass for the past few years this should not come as a huge surprise.

It’s not going to get any better only worse.

Face facts and Prepare Accordingly.