Interracial Crime in 2023: A Full Breakdown

Interracial Crime in 2023: A Full Breakdown


I don’t think I need to tell you that black on White crime is out of control in America. Violence against White Americans is not exclusive to the Negro. While Hispanic on White crime is not nearly as high as it is with their black counterparts, but it is far higher than White on Hispanic. While the jewish media focuses on the rare instances where a dindu gets themself shot by a White cop or even beaten to death by fellow “brothas” they always find a way to blame the White man. None of these cases were given the light of day by the mainstream media, and the victims’ families almost never get the justice they deserve.

So far in 2023, anti-White violence has claimed the lives of far too many of our people. Here is the full list of victims, and we’re only one month into the year. We need to do everything in our power to take back our nations.

List was published on National Conservative News

It is really heartbreaking when you take into account that our people are basically slaughtered everyday. Teach your children self-defense and arm yourself with a gun and/or mace anytime you go into heavily non-White areas. We need to get back our fighting spirit, before it’s too late.

January Tally: 40

Black-on-White: 30
Black-on-Central Asian: 3
Black-on-Latino: 1
Latino-on-White: 3
East Asian-on-Latino: 3



Black History Month Palate Cleanser

Black History Resources

(ie Articles Proving It’s All Horseshit and Propaganda!)

It occurred to me that this being Anti-White February (aka Black History Month) I would be irresponsible of me as a Proud Southern White Man if I did not provide some kind of counter-balance/palate cleanser for the never ending stream of black propaganda horse shit.

Thankfully the good folk over at Counter-Currents have compiled an outstanding list of resources to do just that.

Make sure to visit and share the website Black Invention Myths as well!

Please Read, Share and Prepare Accordingly!


Twofer from Dissident Thoughts (aka Arthur Sido)

In The End, The Good Guys Win

It is pretty easy to get black-pilled being a dissident. It isn’t like you have to search high and low for bad news and ominous portents of civilizational collapse and racial genocide. You have to almost actively avoid seeing the news or be continually marinating your brain in sportsball or Netflix to avoid it.

It also doesn’t help when you are like me and constantly writing what amounts to doomporn every day. Hey some blacks committed a horrific crime! Again! Oh look, a new horrifying degeneracy just became mainstream! The Usual Suspects are doing the usual things!

What makes it even worse is that we really can’t do anything to stop what is happening on a macro scale. We have few allies and friends in the halls of power. No one with the power to do so will stop the border from being overrun, or keep the trannies away from children, or deal with the traitorous aliens that control so much of our society. What can one man or even 100 of us to right now to stop them other than some empty and futile gesture that ends with us dead or in prison and does nothing to harm our enemy?

Believe me, I get caught up in the we’re-doomed-spiraling as much as anyone but the thing is, I really believe in the end, our people win. I believe that because at every point in our history when we have been challenged….we win.

Right now we seem to be in a very bad place, because we are. We have allowed our nations to be overrun and in many places, more each day, they are dominated by people who had no hand in creating this civilization. Every institution we built, from our government to our schools, sports leagues to churches, have been infiltrated and mutated to turn against us. Everywhere we look, we are beset. You can understand why our enemies might seem triumphal at this point but there was a line from the decidedly average Top Gun sequel that I thought applied nicely to our situation.

For all of their arrogant posturing, there remains a strong undercurrent of fear. More about that to come but suffice it to say that as long as our people still live, They are not safe. It is because of that fact that I describe myself as immediate short term black-pilled, intermediate term white-pilled. I just finished a 2 1/2 hour podcast with The Zman and Gregory Hood from American Renaissance where they covered a lot of topics but closed out with a very positive message that comes down to both men believing that in the end, we win. Hood goes so far as to say that he believes we win in his lifetime, he is a bit younger so maybe so while I am not sure I will live to see our ultimate triumph.

The podcast can be found here: Yes, We’re Going to Win and I recommend downloading the whole file and putting it on your phone for when you have some time on your hands, I listened to it over 4-5 segments. Both guys are pretty bright and the conversation is pretty free-wheeling although Gregory Hood did seem to talk over The Zman a few times. The end was really encouraging to me at a time when I needed some encouragement and that is why I wanted to share it with you.

We are in for some tough times but every time in our history when we have faced tough times, we have risen to the occasion and triumphed. For hundreds of years White men have rarely faced a non-White external adversary that was much of a challenge, Japan being the notable exception, so we spent our time killing each other. For the last 75 years we haven’t even done much of that, mostly being content to kick around low effort enemies and becoming gluttonous and indolent as our nations were first infiltrated and then inundated. Now we have our backs against the wall and it seems hopeless. For the short term that is probably true but this war isn’t over, not by a long shot.

Like I said, when the times got tough, the tough got to killing.

When the Ottoman Turks seemed on the verge of capturing Vienna in 1683? My Polack bro Jan Sobieski led the winged Hussars to smite the infidels and despite being outnumbered around 2-1, they eventually drove them from the field.

When 150 Brits were faced with 3,000-4,000 Zulus at the battle of Rorke’s Drift? They stood tall and fought them off. I loved this scene, back when the British had some backbone.

“Because we’re here lad and nobody else. Just us.”

When the Japs sank all of our battleships at Pearl Harbor, conquered much of the Pacific and seemed to hand us defeat after defeat? We kept coming at them, then won at Midway and island hopped our way toward Japan until we nuked them into submission.

Things might seem bleak now and they are but the worst is yet to come. Each of us has a responsibility to prepare ourselves and those who share our blood to survive what is coming and then to conquer once more.

Yesterday belonged to us and someday soon, tomorrow will once again belong to you and to me.


They Are Terrified And They Should Be

To continue on with my thoughts from In The End, The Good Guys Win.

As I noted, at least in the immediate near term it looks like it is game over for us. We are soon to be a racial minority in the very country our forefathers built from the wilderness. Our institutions have fallen and turned against us, one after another, until now virtually none are left. White labor is exploited and White wealth is looted to appease non-Whites and to dishearten and threaten our people. Older Boomer-aged Whites are growing old and dying off and my Generation X cohort is also getting older. Younger Whites are infected with self-loathing, embrace sexual perversion and voluntary genital mutilation and are either not having children of their own or having mixed race children, often without even the tepid benefit of having the father stick around.

People who were confident of their triumph over evil Whitey would be taking a victory lap but that isn’t what we see. Instead we see them ramping up their efforts to discredit and attempt to intimidate White advocates. Some of it might be the natural malevolence of these people but there must be more to it, and what I suspect is that they still view the tens of millions of White men, many heavily armed, pissed off and genetically predisposed to returning violence with more violence, as a powder keg.

So in spite of their seeming imminent victory, They not only haven’t let up on the propaganda, they have turned the knob to 11.

The most obvious example is the one-two punch of the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally and unarmed generally polite unauthorized tourism of January 6th. We still see clips from Charlottesville and you would think it was a bloodbath of violence, rather than a single person (a morbidly obese woman) who died from a heart attack after being struck by a car driven by a panicked driver named James Fields. On January 6th it was even more lopsided, the only person being murdered was a White woman who supported Trump, shot dead by a black cop for trespassing. The risible “January 6th Commission” existed solely as propaganda and the well publicized imprisonment in a gulag of political prisoners arrested for walking around a public building is intended to intimidate and silence opposition.

It extends to individuals as well. On social media, many political dissident choose to post anonymously to protect their family and career. While I have no interest in tracking down anonymous lefties and ruining their lives, assuming as I do that their miserable existence is punishment enough, it apparently is quite the validation for random soyjacks on social media to figure out the real name of a different random person on social media so they can make their lives suck as much as the aforementioned soyjack or obese gender fluid blue haired freak.

I received a few notes that my name appeared on some website called “Doxbin” which is pretty amusing because I have used my real name for decades on social media, hell it is right in the domain name of my blog, and thanks to my unique name combination I am pretty sure I am the only Arthur Sido anywhere in the world, now or in the past. So finding me requires essentially no effort. It is pretty hard to “doxx” someone that uses their real name on social media, and a lot of the stuff is not even accurate or is very old. I guess it is supposed to intimidate me or something but I mentioned it to my boss and I told myself not to worry about it, my job is safe. To be honest, it is quite an honor to be considered someone dangerous enough to be doxxed but like I said, I ain’t hard to find.

Then there was this. Vice ran a video hitpiece on Paul Waggener of Operation Werewolf warning of the danger of “The Pagan Far-Right”. It is unintentionally hilarious and the comments are overwhelmingly from people who follow Paul on social media and have found, as I have, his material to be positive and inspiring.

I left this comment:

I already read all of Paul’s stuff and have been following Operation Werewolf for years, you don’t need to sell it so hard. It is interesting that someone who is nothing but positive in his messages is the subject of such vitriol and ugliness from the very people who claim he and OPWW are dangerous. I wonder what Vice is so scare of, perhaps that White men are finally starting to embrace our roots, something you would applaud from any other race?

Most of the other comments were also positive and very sincere. It was partially from some of Paul Waggener’s videos that I made the decision 18 months or so back to start getting into shape. After almost a year of hitting the weights at the gym, I am far stronger than I was and looking forward to getting stronger yet. The video prominently features a deranged guy I have never heard of who killed stabbed some people in 2017, Anders Breivik from a different country in 2011 and an act of arson in 2012. How many violent crimes have been committed by non-Whites during that time period, mostly against other non-Whites? Vice doesn’t seem to care because what Paul talks about scares the shit out of them. Paul also posted a mild, bemused reply video.

You could be forgiven for thinking the Vice video was either a delicious troll cooked up by Operation Werewolf to get people to check them out or a satirical video published by the Babylon Bee because the people on camera are such ridiculous caricatures, genuinely silly people complaining about more attractive, smarter and with-it people.

Ask yourself who you think seems like a more serious person, “far-right pagan” Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Radio who is mentioned in the video, a wife and mother who looks like she puts in some effort to take care of herself…

Or this disgusting pig, “researcher” Shannon Weber who is slovenly with the obligatory nose ring and hideous glasses?

They should include a picture of Shannon with Viagra to take care of those overly prolonged erections. I drew some glasses on Boss Nass from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the resemblance is uncanny.

Or between Paul Waggener, a man that even if he isn’t your cup of tea certainly speaks like a serious man and clearly looks like someone who walks the talk….

Versus this whiny, low-T literal soyjack with the hilariously ironic name of Shane Burley.

Could you find someone less compelling to listen to than that guy with an “expertise” that mostly consists of calling Paul a racist in his high pitched, quavering voice? As a man, would you prefer to look and speak like Paul Waggener or like Shane Burley? I can’t decide if Shane was beaten up at school by someone who looked like Paul or if he is just aroused into a froth by videos of Paul working out, maybe both, but calling someone racist isn’t an argument.

I assume the video backfired because it would make sense that a lot of people might look more closely at what Paul and Operation Werewolf are all about and find it more compelling than being a pussy. Most people have never heard of Paul Waggener or Operation Werewolf so confident people would ignore them. That they don’t ignore them indicates that they are terrified.

Many of us have forgotten who we are and They are trying to keep us in that state but more of our people are waking up, and waking up angry. This scares them and it should. A reckoning has been long coming and has been delayed but I believe the day is approaching to balance the scales.

Around Blacks, Never Relax (Black Crime Twofer)

His Name Is Paul Billion: Four Blacks (Immigrants Or Resettled Refugees?) Arrested For The Murder Of White Male In 82% White Sioux Falls, South Dakota


FACT: Importing black third world thugs into a community that is 82% WHITE is a CRIMINAL ACT, nothing more.

These are 100% preventable Deaths.

When the Great Reckoning comes, I think each and every name of every man, woman and child that was murdered because of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” should be read aloud before the execution is carried out.

Black Thug tries to carjack Charger Hellcat, gets shot by owner 


Stay Armed and Keep Your Head on a Swivel out there!




The Unappointed Gatekeepers of History

A Tactical Hermit Original Essay



“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

George Orwell, 1984

After the removal of the last Confederate statue in Richmond, Virginia I was reminded of a conversation I had back in 2015 with a mentor and family friend who was a retired, tenured PhD History professor from a very prestigious University here in the South and also happened to be a member of the Son’s and Daughters of the Confederacy.

When all this Confederate statue removal non-sense started in earnest after the Dylann Roof shooting he sent me this email which I have paraphrased:

“What happened in Charleston was a damn tragedy, but do you see how THEY (the blacks along with their cucked white politicians on both sides of the aisle) are now using Victimhood to empower their position both culturally and politically? They are using white guilt as a mass weapon of destruction to become the unappointed gatekeepers of history! And why are they doing that? So thru the practice of Damnatio Memoriae, they can shape the future according to their OWN cultural agenda! Remember Orwell’s quote about Controlling the past to Control the future? We are seeing it unfold in real time my friend.”

I have tell you reading this seven years later is still jaw dropping. Remember that in 2015 BLM, ANTIFA and the purple-haired, bathroom confused communist woke brigade were still relatively unknown to the public and media.

So how is it that a good portion of normie America has been so easily duped and hijacked by these so-called “victims?” Well, the short answer is that historically victimhood can always be counted upon to garner both sympathy and guilt from good ole’ “Whitey Americanus.” Sympathy and Guilt if wielded tactfully, can yield huge political, cultural and financial results in the form of welfare subsidies, grants and even attempted Slave Reparations. It’s shameless opportunism on a national scale.

Don’t forget ZOG media’s complicity in this pitiful charade. Without them they would not have been able to capitalize and in turn polarize events like Charlottesville, Freddy Gray and George Floyd and in turn spread divisive propaganda messaging that would have made Lenin and Trotsky smile with pride. Remember all the “Don’t Shoot”, “I Can’t Breathe” and those nauseating kneeling for forgiveness campaigns all over social media?



So it seems after a good dose of cultural marxism, corruption and flagrant disregard for the Constitution, these people and their liberal white underwriters (both in the private sector and Government) have been placed (without our consent) in a position to be American History’s caretakers. To decide as it were what is “real” American history and what is “racist” and “hateful.” It began with removing statues, memorials and renaming streets and has ultimately culminated into the NY Times 1619 Project, the fourth estate and liberal academia’s opus to flagrant lies, hypocrisy and white guilt.

If it is not obvious by now, let me be clear: The black marxist and neo-liberal globalist agenda combined is to completely DESTROY White America. Not just Southern White America and it’s history as some have proffered. It all lines up with Globalism and The Great Reset, to include de-population (especially of whites) multiculturalism and diversity (which dovetails into The Ecumenical movement of having all cultures, religions and races fold into one big Global family.) Climate Communism is just another facet of this, helping to expedite the de-population element with eventual starvation of millions by doing away with commercial farming and promoting weird alternatives such as synthetic meat products and bugs.


So knowing that I despise articles and essays that expose a problem but never offer any viable solutions, here is my two cents. First, White men need to marry and procreate with white women and have beautiful white babies. We need to discourage and dissuade interracial relationships and marriages across the board. Secondly, we need to STRENGHTEN the White Family as a whole. The Family is the building block of society, without it nothing else works. Wholesome, traditional Christian values need to return to the family and everything and anything involving neo-liberalism needs to be wholly discarded. Lastly, CRT (Critical Race Theory) needs to be eradicated from our vocabulary and REAL White history needs to be taught to our children to include stories of our proud European origins.


In doing these three things, we will at least begin to rebel and counter the satanic Globalist agenda and give ourselves and our offspring the best chance at long term survival. I know it is popular to talk about whites having their own country and nation but honestly, if we (White Folk) cannot populate and build when the chips are down and the tide is against us, what makes us think we deserve our own nation?






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