Article of the Week: “Kill The Boer” Comes to the USA

“Kill The Boer” Comes to the USA


No more warnings.

It’s Here.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.



Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak?

Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak?


Who is it hateful toward? You know who. The modern American regime is built on explicit, institutionalized hostility to the people who most resemble the great Americans of the past. It is anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-rural, and anti-middle class. The more of these traits a person has, the more worthy of hate they become. The more the Globalist American Empire decays and squanders the inheritance it was given, the more bile and hatred it directs against those who symbolize what came before.

The white American middle class have become America’s kulaks — Blamed for every problem, vilified for every success, and deserving of every punishment. Their destruction has become a fundamental goal of American political life.

Take Heed and Prepare Accordingly.


Crime Awareness: It’s Official: Black Flash Mob’s Going on Organized Looting Sprees in Malls and Phramacies

Shock Video: DOZENS of Black Youths Storm Wellspring Pharmacy and Steal Medication in Organized Criminal Action


Well it’s finally happening, the Dam has busted loose and the true nature of the American Black is on Display for the whole world to see.

My Advice to everybody would be to GEAR UP for some Spicy Action Near You!

Regardless if these nutless liberals Cops don’t like us calling them “Black Looters” or not, You come around my TX zip code stealing and I can guarantee you a free lobotomy.

Boy, These White Supremacist Murders are Getting Out of Hand!

This time a Chinese U of C Student was Murdered in Chi-Raq for his Laptop by a Crack Head Space Cadet Dindu, which the Moron pawned for $100.


Documenting the Death of White America

32 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING FIVE HOME INVASIONS: October 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America


The 32 whites whose killings by blacks were reported in October got nothing, as usual.

Besides the continuing toll of white women killed by black husbands/ lovers/ ex-lovers.

(Don’t Forget this recent brutal story of Interracial Love gone awry)

I note at least five home invasions.

This may be a new trend, as black criminals get increasingly confident they won’t be resisted or punished.

(As with the Case of the Ridiculously Low Bail that Waukesha Murderer Darrell Brooks was released on before he went and Murdered 5 Innocent White People with a Vehicle).