FUSA Bulletin: Behold the Face of White Supremacy in America!

Man Arrested Over Disturbing Graffiti at Historical Black Atlanta Church


Tyrone’s agenda was clear: The real problem in America is fag hating devil worshipping nazi’s and not unemployed black drug addicts.

For a Race Reality perspective, here is a short list of  Hate Crime Hoaxes  just in the last five years.




4.5% and the Demographics of American Murder





4.5%, and the Demographics of American Murder



The number that summarizes the past 2.5 years of post-BLM life in America. But why?

  1. 4.5% of Black Males will commit murder in their lifetime as of 2021, if we choose to do nothing about the ongoing epidemic of violence.

  2. 4.4% to 7.2% of yearly Black Male deaths are homicides every single year, with no exceptions, since at least 1968. Over 90% of these are Black Male-on-Black Male.

  3. 4.35% is the backward-looking 60-year murder victimization rate of Black Males age 15-74, based on the 410,000 actual murder victims since 1968.

  4. These are the low-end of what the rates could be in reality, given the large number of “unknowns” in the FBI data and the large number of “indeterminate” violent deaths coded by the CDC.

  5. Whatabout repeat offenders, you ask? The most extreme assumptions can bring the 4.5% down to as low as 3.3%. I ask: does that change our conclusions? Do we continue decarceration on the off-chance that only 3.3% will commit murder?


Dose of Truth







FUSA Bulletin: Defacing a Public Sign is a Hate Crime but Murdering 6 White People is Not?

Chicago Man Charged With Hate Crime Allegedly Defaced CTA Sign


Same BS, Different Day.

The Anti-White Agenda permeates every facet of our so called “Legal System.”


The Hypocrisy of Federal “Hate Crimes”