German War Art: The Kriegsmarine

Claus Bergen (1885-1964)

 Returning from a tour against the enemy (1941)

German War Art – The Kriegsmarine


The Third Reich was still very interested in creating art during the second World War, with artists focusing their talents on the war effort itself.

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Eduard Schloemann (1888-1940)

Speedboats fogging in front of the Thames (1941)


Claus Bergen (1885-1964)

In the Atlantic (1942)


Adolf Bock (1890-1968)

The battleships “Gneisenau” and “Schamhorst” in action with the British battlecruiser “Renown” in the North Atlantic on April 9, 1940 (1941)


FUSA Bulletin: The Blackwashing Continues

Two White Characters In MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Cartoon Turned From White To Black Because You Can’t Have “Just Giant, White Blond Dudes” To Celebrate Anymore


It seems nothing is safe from Woke Blackwashing.

First Neflix aka Netsux turned a White Viking King into a Black Negress and now they are going after a beloved 1980’s cartoon.

Because you know we can’t have giant, blond white dudes saving the galaxy and being Masters of the Universe, can we?

Blackwashing infects every aspect of our society because all of our myths, legends and even Saturday morning cartoons reflected our past and the fact our civilization was once about whiteness and promoting whiteness.

Now? It’s about de-emphasizing whiteness and inserting blackness where it never existed.

Even in Eternia. Even in Masters of the Universe.


Madea goes to Mordor: The Great Replacement Comes to Middle Earth

Madea Goes To Mordor: Amazon’s “LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER” Celebrates The Great Replacement Coming To Middle-Earth


We all know Disney and that horrible thing called Multiculturalism that murdered the Star Wars franchise some years back, well now it appears “Inclusion and Diversity” have reared their ugly head (via Jeff Bezoz and his Globalist Propaganda Spigot Amazon Prime) to go after another cherished fantasy franchise: The Lord of the Rings (or is it The Lord of the Bling?)

“We gonna clip Dark Lord Sauron and his army of Orcs Sheeeeet…….”




AK Corner: Plum AK Furniture – Grips, Mags and Stocks

Plum AK Furniture: Grips and Mags and Stocks (Oh My)


A nice trip down memory lane for all the true AK Afficonados out there.

I would also recommend this awesome collection of articles titled Vodka Blasters.

Welcome to the Dark Side!