FGC-9 Released

That semi-auto part is optional too btw.

Impro Guns

The FGC-9 is a 9mm semi automatic firearm which can be made using a $200 3D printer, some hardware store bits, airsoft toy spare parts, and a length of steel tubing for a barrel. It also uses a printable Glock 17 30rd magazine.

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Civilian Lessons from Ex-Action Guy Paul Howe

I am proud to Call Fellow Texan and D-Boy Paul Howe a friend and mentor and can promise you YES he has a lot to teach the Average Armed Civilian.

Do yourself a favor and save your money and instead of buying Lysol and Toilet Paper, take one of his classes, the life you save may be your own!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Gun Culture 2.0

My last post about Paul Howe on “combat mindset” highlighted an important difference between the responsibilities of military and law enforcement compared to regular armed citizens. Military and law enforcement are required “to go into harm’s way, against great odds if necessary” (Howe, Leadership and Training for the Fight, p. 11). Although armed citizens may choose to do this, rarely are we obligated to (but see Gabe Suarez).

Having had his training and mindset put to the ultimate test in the “Battle of the Black Sea” in Somalia (recounted in Mark Bowden’s book and dramatized in the movie Black Hawk Down), what does “ex-action guy” Paul Howe have to teach regular guys and gals?

Paul Howe teaching Tactical Rifle 1 at Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT), Nacogdoches, Texas. Photo by David Yamane

According to Howe, he started his training company – Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) –…

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Another Example of Why Open Carry is a Bad Ideal

To me the argument of Concealed Carry vs Open Carry is an easy one. My main argument against Open Carry is twofold: (1) Even before there is trouble, the bad guy KNOWS you are armed and therefore you have lost the element of surprise and become a target. (2) When you do get into a life threatening situation with somebody, the chances of it being at ECQ (Bad Breath Distance) is statistically high (under 7 feet) and right away the Bad Guy, who may or may not be armed, will consider disarming you and killing you with your own weapon because now he knows there is a weapon available to use: YOURS.

Yes, cops face this challenge everyday and unfortunately very few of them have had adequate training at how to both PREVENT and DEAL with these situations, so how much LESS will the average armed civilian?

If you are being honest the answer is really, really low and the main reason for that is most armed civilians think carrying a gun is some kind of magic tailsman against danger, unfortunately most of them forget the most important word in GUNFIGHT is FIGHT, not GUN and although they may know how to shoot, their fighting skills are often very minimal.

The following video will show how fast things can go to shit in situations like these

As an armed civilian consider this same situation but subtract the armed assistance this cop had during this struggle and you can see why my argument is sound.

Out there on the street, it’s just you, your training and your gun.

Be Smart, Keep it Concealed!

Greg Ellefritz (who is an active duty cop) over at Active Response Training has some excellent articles on this topic. I suggest you guys read up on this and look at the stats yourself.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Open Carry

The Perils of Open Carry

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!



On Set: Richmond Rally

Kudos to WRSA! 👍👌

Western Rifle Shooters Association

0919E: All ok now.

All ages, men and women, young folks and old.

Armed and unarmed.

Perfect weather, if you like clear, sunny. And chilly.

Richmond PD being first class.

Crowd spirit very high.

Extra cell service on site.

Impossible to get good crowd count, as no overwatch available; 10k +++

Many still arriving at outside perimeters all around.

Going to get another POV now.


More asap.

UPDATE 1023E 20JAN2020:


Can’t get anywhere near Killbox entry; too many patriots in the way :-).

Crowd remains cool and cooperative with each other.

Impossible to get even a SWAG count of attendees, but they continue to come in by the dozens in front of me as I type.

Local radio promises to broadcast live from 1100-1200; go to https://www.radio.com/newsradiowrva/listen
for coverage.

Cops all cool, even while talking…

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The Virginia Effect: Habersham Becomes First 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County in GEORGIA

We can Only Hope the “Virginia Effect” Spreads all Across this Land from Sea to Shining Sea!

Let the Fire Keep Rising!


Virginia surely has stirred up a hornet’s nest. West Virginia is asking counties to defect while other states start to organize their own 2A sanctuaries. West Virginia Invites Virginia 2A Counties to Join The Mountain State Now Habersham Co., Georgia has earned the distinction of being the state’s first 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. Here’s more…

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No One Is Coming To Save You

No One Is Coming To Save You


With everything going on Virginia right now I thought this post was very relevant reading.

When you simplify the equation down regarding the safety of you and your family in a world that is quickly going to hell in a hand basket, this is the common denominator.

All you have to depend on is YOU and YOUR SKILLS, and those SKILLS include not only firearms but also empty hand, stick and knife.

Remember the most important word in GUNFIGHT is FIGHT!

If you don’t know, Learn How. If you do, Practice Regularly to Stay Sharp.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Cut-Throat Cartel


Great read on the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Rise of the “Sicarias”.

Stay Frosty and Armed Folks, this CRIMINAL INSURGENCY is going on just south of the border and is a bigger threat that anything  across the Atlantic I can assure you.