If You Carry a Gun, Carry it Loaded!

As a Wise Man once said, an Unloaded Gun is nothing but a Club.

Keep a Round in the Pipe!

The Bad Guy is not going to give you a “time out” to charge your weapon!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Crime Awareness: Home Invasion Nightmare

Armed robbers posing as plumbers con their way into Bronx apartment and beat and torture victims, 28 and 35, with a hot iron for 15 HOURS


Below Comments H/T Active Response Training

This type of restraint and torture would be my personal crime nightmare.  Read the article.  Note the fact that the bad guys were wearing florescent safety vests.  Why would a plumber need a traffic safety vest for an indoor job?  You must use your brain in a case like this.  Lots of criminals hide behind $5 neon green vests.

Think about what you may do if something similar happens to you.  Do you have a gun on your person when you answer the door?  When do you open the door?  When do you keep it locked?  Do you know how to defeat improvised restraints like duct tape and zip ties?  All of these questions are valuable to ponder in advance, before you become a victims of a similar attack.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


WVW: Brainwashed, The Documovie Part One



Very well put together docu-series chronicling the Communist takeover of America step by step.

If you have not already, I highly recommend you go back and check out Yuri Bezemnov’s Interviews and Lectures post.

Understand the Armed, Responsible American citizen needs to be doing two things constantly nowadays: Educating themselves on Communist strategy and tactics and Training to Kill Communist effectively and efficiently.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Armed Citizen Corner: The B.J. Baldwin Story

If you carry a gun for self-defense or are considering carrying one in the future, you need to watch this.

B.J. Baldwin is one of the foremost Professional off-road racer’s in the World, having won 5 US National Off-Road Racing Titles, 3 SCORE International Titles and 3 Baja Championships.

But starting around 15:17  B.J. begins talking about an incident that occurred in 2020 where an individual tried to murder him and his girlfriend in a parking lot in Las Vegas. It did not turn out well for the perp.

Just a little background: Besides being a Professional off-road racer, B.J. is widely known and respected in the firearms and self-defense tactics world. He trains with some of the best names out there (Steve Tarani to name just one) and him and his girlfriend, Tori Nonaka compete professionally in firearms competitions worldwide.

Read about the incident HERE.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Light Infantry Report

The Light Infantry Report

Another great read from Raptor Two over at 4GWTimes aka The Patrol Base.

Never discount the devastating effect a Guerilla Sniper can have on the enemy.

Study Up and Train Hard!

Spicy Times Ahead.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!