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BREAKING NEWS: ATF Reclassifies AR Pistols as SBRs!


So eventually ALL AR and AK Pistols will be considered SBR’s and the legal gun owner now gets squeezed (or EXTORTED) depending on how you look at it, by a CORRUPT Government Agency (ATF) that has no Constitutional Right to Exist and either PAYS $$$ to make his AK/AR Pistol “Legal” or becomes a felon overnight.

Is that how it is?

I got one thing to say to that.

The Defensive Training Group

So far, it’s only the ‘Honey Badger’ model, but I’m sure more will follow. Make sure you write your congress critters and President Trump and tell them the whimsical actions of the BATFE against LAWFUL gun owners on a previous legal, and interpreted to be so by the BATFE on several occasions.

If this is allowed to stand, about 5 million or more law abiding citizens become felons overnight.

Timing on this is telling, especially when many top ATF managers/executives were appointed by Obama and Holder.

They just won’t stop. Ever.

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Carjacking in Real Time

Happened in Orange County, Florida (Orlando area)

Couple of “Multi-Culturalist/Diversity is our Strength” poster boys decide to steal a Mercedes.

Looks like a decent neighborhood too.

Never let your guard down regardless of where you live folks.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Secrets of Escaping Duct Tape


I came across this via Greg Ellefrtiz’s site Active Response Training.



Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Atlanta is Turning into an Open War Zone


BLM is Opening Fire on Passing Vehicles.

Where are the Police? They are all re-signing.

70 Atlanta Cops Have Resigned After Officer Rolfe Faces Murder Charge, Dept. Is 60% Black


You are on your Own out there Folks.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!