Border War Trifecta

As a Proud Southerner and citizen of the Republic of Texas first and foremost and an “American” (what is left of FUSA anyway) second, sometimes I feel like Paul Revere, constantly ringing the warning alarm but everybody remains in a coma.

Alas, I keep doing it because LEGACY demands I do it.

Legacy as in when I see the FUBAR State of things my Children’s and my future grandchildren’s faces are all that flash through my mind.

Forget Ukraine and Russia, Nordstream, Europe Freezing to Death, etc.

ALL of that Pales in Comparison to the Orchestrated ILLEGAL INVASION occurring right now on YOUR doorstep.

Federal Complicity with this ILLEGAL INVASION is well documented, which is why ALL of the Border States need to exercise their sovereignty and start taking ACTION to Defend their citizens from this criminal onslaught.



Biden’s Border Catastrophe


Biden Pressured Democrat Border Mayor Not to Declare Emergency over Illegal Immigration


NYC Facility For Illegal Aliens Has Wi-Fi, Video Games, 24 Hour Snacks And So Much More!


Rolling out the red carpet to a Brown Criminal Insurgency sent to weaken your country internally and replace you as both a workforce and voting demographic can only be likened to a CUCKOLD, ie a husband who not only let’s another man have sex with his wife but enjoys watching it as well. 








The Cartel’s New Drug Market with Ed Calderon

You can learn more in this 27 minute video about the Cartels and the Southern Border than 27 hours with the lying MSM.

Listen Closely.

Lot of Good Intel Here.

Prepare Accordingly.


Militarization of Illegal Immigration

Militarization of Illegal Immigration


There is no doubt that Illegal Immigration is a FUNDAMENTAL component of 4GW (Fourth Generation Warfare) being used by both internal and external forces to destroy this country.

The bottom line is you’re not VOTING your way out of this problem.

The only Solution is to fight FIRE WITH FIRE with extreme VIOLENCE OF ACTION.

(Violence of action means the unrestricted use of speed, strength, surprise and aggression to achieve total dominance against your enemy.)

Take from that what you will.

Prepare Accordingly.


Texas Border News: Armed Cartel Members Reportedly Taunt Texas National Guard



It’s getting nasty down here on the Front Lines.

These criminal POS want to threaten us?

I say we give them a Big Texas Welcome.

How’s 671 grains of diplomacy sound Assholes?



Texas News: More than 1,500 coronavirus-positive migrants released in one week into Texas border town

More than 1,500 coronavirus-positive migrants released in one week into Texas border town


The U.S. Southern border is under siege and a couple years ago under different leadership this would have been called a National Emergency with National Security and Health implications but under Slow Joe it’s just business as usual. Why? He wants to destroy this country and the people in it. That’s the only conclusion a logical person can take away from this.

Enough of this Bullshit.