Texas Border News: Armed Cartel Members Reportedly Taunt Texas National Guard



It’s getting nasty down here on the Front Lines.

These criminal POS want to threaten us?

I say we give them a Big Texas Welcome.

How’s 671 grains of diplomacy sound Assholes?



Texas News: More than 1,500 coronavirus-positive migrants released in one week into Texas border town

More than 1,500 coronavirus-positive migrants released in one week into Texas border town


The U.S. Southern border is under siege and a couple years ago under different leadership this would have been called a National Emergency with National Security and Health implications but under Slow Joe it’s just business as usual. Why? He wants to destroy this country and the people in it. That’s the only conclusion a logical person can take away from this.

Enough of this Bullshit.



Border Recon

My friend Tim “The Nailer” Foley and Arizona Border Recon doing God’s Work down on the Arizona/Mexico Border.

Tim goes places the Border Patrol refuses to go for one reason or another.

If you have not already, be sure and support his work, Tim and his crew put their life on the line daily for the Security of this Nation.


Open Borders = Pedophiles, Rapist and Terrorist! What More Could you ask For?

Convicted Sexual Predator Illegals Arrested by Border Patrol


The Age Of Sexual Consent In Mexico City Is Only 12!


CBP Apprehends Convicted Rapist Illegal in Yuma, AZ

Four people matching terror watchlist arrested at border


Be Sure and Bookmark BorderHawk, it’s a great resource for the Armed Citizen concerned about Globalist/Marxist Open Borders Policies.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


An Addendum to ‘One Hundred and Fifty Questions to a Guerrilla’

This is where the rubber meets the road as far as Practical training goes.

Learn. Train. Repeat!



From a reader:

Just read your post on questions to ask a guerilla. One point not listed is that everyone is good at something. Identify what they are good at, and apply them. There are sleeper guys out there with skills a normal person would never think of. So ask the team applicants, what are you good at? In Afg, I was yackin one day with a Marine. He was assigned to the 155 battery at Kajaki dam. Turns out, the Marine had designed, and implemented the whole power grid for Southern California, in his real life. The Marines had him running a 155 unit??? In short order, a full understanding, and redesign of the Helmand Province power grid was at the Generals disposal. All from just yackin with the passenger in the seat next over. 
On your post about powering com systems/repeaters-
If you drive the border between Texas and…

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