Why Is New Legislation Needed To Stop Antifa Blocking Roads?

Why Is New Legislation Needed To Stop Antifa Blocking Roads?


I have an ideal.

Instead of adding to the seemingly endless amount of LAWS that are created (which these criminal marxist POS do not obey anyway)

I say we begin using a very simple solution: The Gas Pedal.



It goes hand in hand with Pinochet’s Epic “Commie Disposal” Helo Technique:



Keep America’s Highways Beautiful!

Run Over a Communist Today!


Chetnik Uprising in Srb, 27 July 1941

Fascinating Piece of WW2 era history.

History and War


On 27th of July 1941., a rebellion began against the government of Independent State of Croatia. For a long time, this day was celebrated as the day of Antifascist uprising in Croatia. Uprising caught the area of Srb, Lapac, Drvar and Bosansko Grahovo, that is the area of Lika and Western Bosnia. Since the territory of NDH in Yugoslavia was divided into two republics – Croatia and BiH – both marked the day as the Day of the Uprising.

But the uprising was significantly different from what it is usually portrayed as. The “antifascist” uprising was carried out primarily by Serb Chetniks, with significant support from Communist Partisans as well as Fascist Italy. Representatives of Serb Chetniks and Italian authorities had met in Benkovac on 23rd July – just before the uprising. In the meeting it was agreed that Serbs will return to their homes and work…

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The Fire Continues to Rise in the Netherlands!

Bill Gates-funded ‘Green’ Grocer Burns to Ground, sparking conspiracy theories


These farmers have taken up the mantra: “By Any means Necessary” in fighting these Globalist Elite scumbags.

Do YOUR Part and Please Support Your Local Farmers!




Reaping the Whirlwind

Is Anti-White Propaganda What’s Driving White Kids Crazy?


The mentality and ideology of the Left is rooted in ungodliness, lies, hate and pseudo-science so what other result can there be?

One can only conclude that the REAL agenda of the Left is the DESTRUCTION of the next generation, pure and simple.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide and Raise Your Children Right!






Get Ready for Leftist Violence, The Summer Edition

How Big U.S. Cities are Preparing for Protests after Roe v. Wade is Overturned


Check your Weapons, Fortify your Position, Avoid Crowds.

Prepare Accordingly, the Violent Leftist Mob is on the Rampage.