Get Ready for Leftist Violence, The Summer Edition

How Big U.S. Cities are Preparing for Protests after Roe v. Wade is Overturned


Check your Weapons, Fortify your Position, Avoid Crowds.

Prepare Accordingly, the Violent Leftist Mob is on the Rampage.



FUSA Bulletin: SCOTUS Decision on Right to Carry in NY a Ruse


So SCOTUS releases this jaw dropper decision yesterday on Right to Carry in New York and the majority of the Gun Rights/2A Folks are jumping up and down and creaming their pants but as for me I am down here in Texas in the Hermit Cave taking cover behind something solid waiting for the other shoe to drop…why?

This is the Federal Gubmint folks, need I remind you?



Forgive me for pissing on the Second Amendment hoo-rah parade but have you guys been paying attention the last couple months?

First Uvalde and now this Piece of Chicken Shit Anti-Gun Legislation called “The Safer Communties Act?”

No, don’t be fooled.

These slimy corrupt Federal cocksuckers are definitely planning something and it ain’t gonna be good, mark my words.

And I am not the only one who smells something rotten in Denmark…. (H/T WRSA)



Fortify your Cover and Prepare Accordingly.


My New Yard Sign

Home Depot Joins the Woke Zombies

Woke Home Depot Shaming Staff for their ‘White Privilege’


I am hoping this is only being practiced at the Canadian stores, but I doubt it.

Wokeness spreads like Cancer in the Corporate world these days.


A Few Good Men



A Few Good Men


“The truckers lost. Because they still believe in the System. They still believe that if they play fair then they will get a fair hearing. They still believe that there is something left to save. There hasn’t been anything worth saving for two hundred and fifty years. Get your head around that and start working on yourselves. Because we are sorely going to need some good men.”

I have been saying this for a while now.

You are not voting yourself out of this so stop continuing to think you are going to “change” things by playing by their rules. Besides, whoever told you this game was not rigged from the start?

Wrap your Head around that Fact and Prepare and ACT Accordingly.