ATF Proposes Step to Make a National Gun Registry Easier

I hate to break this to you folks but the ATF has been doing this kind of crap for decades. I personally witnessed dozens of so-called “audits” (ie gestapo shakedowns) on small Mom and Pops Gun Stores in TX where actual completed 4473 forms have been physically REMOVED from the premises and taken to Washington D.C for and I quote “Further Review” never to be heard from again.

The ATF is nothing but a modern day Gestapo who makes the rules up as they go along.

Along with the FBI, DEA and IRS they are just another useless Govt. Agency that needs to be done away with.


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Please use the link provided in the article to oppose these changes to form 4473.

USA – -( The ATF has issued new rules that will alter the format for Form 4473’s and make it easier to create a national gun registry.

Here’s what we know. ATF agents have used annual inspections to electronically record the contents of Form 4473’s being kept by federal gun dealers. See here and here.

We also know that a software company exhibiting its wares at the Shot Show in Las Vegas has crafted a system where ATF can take the contents of all the dealer’s Bound Book entries by simply capturing them on a thumb drive.

The movie, Red Dawn, shows how the 4473 form can be used as a backdoor gun registry. In the movie, a Cuban commander orders an officer to obtain the 4473s from the…

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Avoid MAWOL!

Heads Up! Avoid MAWOL

Great article on why we need to keep our heads out of our damn phones when in public places.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

A Lesson in Target Background and Over-Penetration

Massachusetts man with crossbow accidentally kills neighbor being attacked by pit bulls

It’s easy to armchair QB these things and it’s obvious the guy was just trying to help his neighbor, but it’s something we can all learn from.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Texas: University Caught Using Robocall Scammers to Conduct Fake News Red Flag Poll

This does not surprise me in the least.

Austin and the Leftist University of Texas have been a blight upon the great State of Texas for decades.

Be Smart Folks.

Believe Nothing you hear and only Half of what you See Until Verified.

The uber left-wing University of Texas gleefully reported on a survey they claimed proved that Texans wanted: Expanded background checks for weapons purchases (86%) A ban on large capacity magazines over ten rounds (55%) A ban on assault weapons (58%) Enactment of Red Flag gun laws (68%) Mandatory buyback of assault weapons (44%) Note: the…

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Reality Check: Are You Good Enough to Take a Head Shot When Everything is On the Line?

Are You Good Enough to Take a Head Shot When Everything is On the Line?


A No BS article about the stark reality of head shots.

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WV Governor Invites 2A Virginia Counties to Secede to His State

Secede! It’s your Constitutional Right!

Here’s a thought: If enough of these counties do secede to another state they will take their VOTES with them and thus shift Virginia’s voting rolls and maybe the color of that State? Maybe a new Pro 2A Governor too? Nothing get’s Politicians motivated more than the thought of them losing their job and going into the Private sector to do real work.

Something to chew on.


NM Sheriff Willing To Face Contempt Charge Over Red Flag Law

This is what I Hoped it would come too…now we need him to Win so it can set legal precedent.

2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog

Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace says law enforcement across New Mexico are opposed to the red flag bill, and he’s willing to go to court to fight it.
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