Fashionable Bigotry Against Gun Owners 2019

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The campaign season has begun, and gun owners are the minority that it is socially acceptable to hate. Without exception, the Democrat candidates for president have demonized US gun owners. According to them, lawful gun owners are the real source of crime and violence in the US.

If you watch the news, gun owners are angry, fearful, rural, unsophisticated white men. Gun owners are mentally ill religious bigots who don’t care about children being shot. Now that all the right-thinking people on CNN agree, we can finally take steps to control military style automatic firearms in the US (as if the 23 thousand firearms regulations we already have didn’t exist.)

Those slanders go unquestioned by the mainstream media because those lies fit their bigoted stereotypes. Facts don’t matter because gun-owners are the minority we’re supposed to hate.

Why do gun owners receive so much hate from the media when slightly…

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Another Reason to be Armed

After 3 Men Pistol Whip Dad, Son Grabs Gun and Opens Fire


There are many elements to this story worth talking about but I suppose the most important one is this: Teach Your Kids to Shoot at an early age! The Life You save could be your Own!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


There is No Middle Ground with the 2A

“I Support the Second Amendment, BUT…”


I have been saying this ever since ERPO’s (Red Flag Laws) became common language in the Firearms and 2A Communities.

Red Flag Laws are Dangerous and Unconstitutional as it gets.

You CANNOT be a Constitutional Patriot who supports the 2A and Support Red Flag Laws.

ERPO’s are an obvious attempt to NEGATE not only your 2A Rights but also your Fourth and Fifth as well.

Stand Up Against the Rising Tide of Tyranny.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

If Police Come For your Guns

If Police Come For Your Guns


Solid advice from a career cop who respects the 2A on how to prepare and what to do when Cops armed with a ERPO (Emergency Risk Protection Order) come knocking at your door.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Texas Home Invasion suspect shot dead by Homeowner’s Son

Texas home invasion suspect shot dead by homeowner’s son

Another Houston home invasion foiled by an armed homeowner! Guns Save Lives!

Teach your kids to shoot and defend themselves, the world is unforgiving and dangerous!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

WATCH: No One Had A Problem Watching A Man Get Beaten Up Until He Pulled Out His Gun

WATCH: No One Had A Problem Watching A Man Get Beaten Up Until He Pulled Out His Gun

Society seems to have less of a problem watching someone get beaten up than watching the would-be victim defend himself with the best means possible.

The lesson here is that sometimes you don’t have anyone to rely on but yourself in the heat of the moment. Violence can come on suddenly and without warning.

Arm yourself!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Constitutional Carry In Texas Dies On The Grounds of Alleged Intimidation

Constitutional Carry In Texas Dies On The Grounds of Alleged Intimidation


Regardless if they are “Republicans” or not, this is just another case of Anti-Gun spineless politicians sabotaging our Constitutional Rights.

You are either with us or against us. The Line has been drawn. Pick your side.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!