Centerfire Rifle Wounds

Centerfire Rifle Wounds


Not for the faint of heart, this is a very informative PICTORIAL article on what various calibers of Centerfire Rifle Rounds can do to soft targets, ie, human bodies.

Study Up and Prepare Accordingly.

Shotgun Basics: Buckshot (Part 1)

Shotgun Basics: Buckshot (Part 1)


I have been reloading for most of my adult life and have used just about ever flavor of shotgun load there is and for my money a good 00 Low-Recoil and #4 Buckshot are my “GO TO” loads for 2 legged critters.



Know Your Weapons: The Cap and Ball Revolvers Prior to the Peacemaker

Prior to the Peacemaker

The Revolvers that ‘Really’ Won the West


Before the Colt Peacemaker? Before the Colt Peacemaker there was a whole boatload of other Colt single action revolvers. And in truth they had a lot more influence in the Old West than did the Peacemaker because the wildest and woolliest times had passed by the time Colt got around to developing the Single Action Army.




Know Your Ammo: The 25 ACP – The Worst Carry Caliber

The 25 ACP – The Worst Carry Caliber


The .25 ACP, the infamous “mouse fart” gun!


Boers, Beans, Bullets and Bear Soup

Boers, Beans, Bullets, and Bear Soup – Parts  1 & 2


Nifty two part series on the history, tactics and arms of the Boers.

Note: Although I disagree with many of the author’s opinions regarding rifle and caliber choices, as I have grown older I have found the best advice to new shooters is to find what works for you, ie what you can shoot accurately, reliably and consistently.

After that, go TRAIN and after that, go TRAIN somebody else!

Remember: The most Dangerous thing in the world is a Well Trained Rifleman, so get out there and GET AFTER IT!