AP Land Navigation Basics Twofer

Land Nav Basics


This is something EVERYBODY should know.

Teach Your Kids and your Wife!

DO NOT depend on that Garmin GPS unit!

One EMP Blast and we are back in the stone age.


TCCC Twofer: Tactical Field Care, Massive Hemorrhage, and the Blood Sweep

Tactical Field Care, Massive Hemorrhage, and the Blood Sweep


Make no mistake, one of the biggest area’s of training that martial civilians neglect is TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care.)

Part 2 of this Excellent series can be found HERE.

Train Hard. Train Realistically and Prepare Accordingly.

Common Tasks Testing (CTT), The Army’s “Everybody” Requirement

Common Tasks Testing (CTT), The Army’s “Everybody” Requirement


I know this is Army Doctrine (May God Forgive Me) but at the end of the day if it helps you PREPARE Better, who cares, right? ☺️

Prepare Accordingly.


The Community Quartermaster


The Community Quartermaster


A really good and practical read for the Serious Martial Citizen.

The days are coming very soon where “Arm Thy Neighbor” will be the Rally Cry!

The reality is not everybody is going to have a gun when the hammer drops and you are going to need multiple armed warm bodies for your tribe to stay safe when things start shitting the bed en masse.

Better to prepare Now for that Eventuality.


Instead of buying that $1500 tricked out AR, but two Budget AR’s or 3 Basic Shotguns or 3 Basic 9mm Pistols.

*For Further Reading Check Out Arm Thy Neighbor over at American Partisan

Prepare Smart and Accordingly!

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