Covert Rifle Carry

Covert Rifle Carry


Instead of spending money on these expensive “non-tactical” diaper bags shown in the article, I have a better solution for you.


Athletic Racket or Bat Bags:



I used to carry a Yugo M70 Underfolder OR a Hungarian AMD-65, Six Mags and a Blowout Kit quite comfortably in a Racket bag.




AK Corner: Zastava M19 MCS -Next Gen AK or Just another AR Frankenfish?


My Two Cents based off this military design:

  • To me it looks like a SCAR and a M90 AK had a really messy one night stand.

  • Not wild about the 360 degree change in the manual of arms with the SCAR style folding stock, HK style selector switch and the AR charging handle? Why must me try and make every gun look and function like an AR? Nope.

  • Personally, the ability to change barrels and calibers does not excite me. It seems more of a feature for the military end-user. An AK-47 is a 7.62×39 weapon, an AK-74 a 5.45×39, period. Unlike the author, I do not think a 5.56/.300 Blackout version would be a big seller in the U.S. for the civilian market simply because of the price point. People would just buy a mid-range to high end AR.

  • This weapon is a failure for the TRUE AK Purist. Why? Manual of Arms MATTERS! There is a reason AK aficionados and AR Geeks don’t get along and never the twain’ shall meet.


AK Corner: Poor Man’s EO-Tech


Sonny Puzikas was the first person I heard use the term “Poor Man’s EO-Tech” in relation to the front-sight aperture on an AK many moons ago.

Coming from the AR school of thought, I was not sold on the ideal that you could neglect your rear sights and still make accurate shots.

I was soon proven wrong and shown how at 50+ yards this technique could put Combat Accurate (not sub-MOA groups) rounds on target, aka “Snap Shots”.

(Snap-Shot Sight Picture)

AK Corner: PSA AK-104 Facts and Review

(FYI: I found this guy’s YT channel by complete accident and just a disclaimer, I have no relationship to or with him. I just like the review.)

Since my buddy NC Scout reviewed this gunĀ last year I have had my sights on it.

Few Things the video review covered that are worthy of Note:

  • Barrel length on AK-47/74 rifles in 7.62×39 or 5.45×39 can be shortened without a drastic loss of FPS unlike AR-Patterned Rifles in 5.56. So when you go from a 16″ bbl to a 12.5″ like the one found on the PSA AK-104 you only roughly lose 100 fps (around 2200 fps). Not bad.

  • As far as accessories go I am a minimalist. I would not bother with the TDI Dogleg rail if you are running an Ultimak. Mount a solid budget friendly red dot like a Holosun or Primary Arms Mico scout style and a light mount and call it a day. (If you wanted to mount a rear optic, using a quality side rail mount would be more stable IMO than the TDI Dogleg.)

  • All the other stuff like the Charging Knob from TDI you can leave off. I *might* try the hand stop by Slate Black Industries and of course a Standard 2 Point Blue Force Gear AK Sling in Coyote Brown.

  • The only variable for me on this gun is the stock or brace. I have a few ideals but I am going to have to wait until I have the gun in my hands to make a decision. When I built my M92 I used a spacer from RFT that worked really nice with the SB-47 brace. That would be a great alternative to installing an AR adjustable brace IMO.

  • The Definitive Arms Fighter Brake Muzzle device looks decent but I will most likely run either a CNC Warrior Krink Booster or Night Brake.

Stay Tuned for Torture Test and Other Reviews of the PSA AK-104 by The Tactical Hermit.