Biden’s Afghan Rapefugees

Joe Biden’s Own ‘Rapefugees’: Recent Afghan Migrant Convicted of Sexual Abuse on 3-Year-Old in Virginia.


The Biden FUSA Playbook for 2022: Flood America with third world pedophiles, rapist and murderers and watch it burn.

This incident is only the very tip of the iceberg folks.

Peruse the latest reports over at Illegal Alien Crime Report but be sure and have a barf bucket close by.

When Your Government Ends A War But Increases The Military Budget, You’re Being Scammed

When Your Government Ends A War But Increases The Military Budget, You’re Being Scammed


“The US military had a budget of $14 billion for its scaled-down Afghanistan operations in the fiscal year of 2021, down from $17 billion in 2020. If the US military budget behaved normally, you’d expect it to come down by at least $14 billion in 2022 following the withdrawal of US troops and official end of the war in Afghanistan. Instead, this new $778 billion total budget is a five percent increase from the previous year.”


No Blood for Burisma

No Blood for Burisma

If you read one article this week, read this one, and then pass it on to somebody you care about.

My friend NC Scout hit’s the nail on the proverbial head with a fine piece of writing.


The Taliban Won Against The Same People Coming To Smash You And Your Family – Here are Some Lessons From Them



10 Lessons I Learned From The Taliban


The bastards didn’t count on all of us taking all this hard earned knowledge and turning the tables like we did at The Battle of Athens in 1946.

That day has come again.

Prepare Accordingly.


More Afghan Sexual Assaults

Bahrullah Noori

Afghan Evacuee Allegedly Assaulted Minor Boys at Ft. McCoy


This is what happens when you bring a bunch of inbred muslims who have been fucking chickens, goats and donkeys into a proper civilization.

You better hope they put you in isolation Bahrullah.