M14 EBR: The Most Beautiful Battle Rifle in the World


General Douglas MacArthur once said “Old Soldiers never die, they simply fade away.”

I think the same holds true for Good Rifles.

The M14 saw service in Vietnam, then went into mothballs and some 40 odd years later shows up again in the mountains of Afghanistan.

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War Film Review and More Pineland Rules

War Film Review and More Pineland Rules


4GW Class in Session.

Learn. Adapt. Overcome.

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A Bunch of Dead Jihadist

30 Taliban fighters, including six IED ‘experts’, killed as bomb-making class goes wrong


Napoleon was quoted as saying:

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Damn Right.

Let’s just hope the class size for the next bomb making class increases!

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Pakistan: Death sentence of Muslim who beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl is overturned, sentence reduced to 7 years

“Sindh High Court???” WTF is that? How can justice be served when a muslim is trying a muslim based on a backwards belief system which they all support?

It’s clown world.

The Bad-Ass Files: Air Force Crew Receives Medals for “Legendary Airmanship”

Air Force crew receives medals for ‘legendary airmanship’ in 9-hour firefight against ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan


Talk about raining down hellfire and brimstone on the goat raping hadji’s. 👍😄

Would love to see that gun-cam footage someday!

Way to Go Big Blue!

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