Armed Citizens Uses Rifle to Stop Attempted Mass Shooting

Armed Citizens Uses Rifle to Stop Attempted Mass Shooting


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An unconventional use of “urban sniping” skills.

Bad guy kills resident and barricades himself inside her apartment before firing from inside towards people walking outside.

I thought about this one.  If that was happening in my neighborhood, what gun would I choose?  I have a couple sniper rifles and they would work well, but I’d probably grab my primary AR-15 just in case the situation went more mobile.  I have an LPVO on that AR-15 and I think this is another scenario that proves the utility of that concept over a red dot.

Boulder Attack Is Seventh High Profile Mass Shooting Where Attacker Was Known To FBI Beforehand

Know the Facts and Dismiss the False Narrative.

The FBI is the new Stasi, an apparatus of the marxist state that has nothing to do with “justice” but everything to do with control.

Stand up and Be Counted.


As the nation mourns the deaths of 10 people at a Boulder, Colorado supermarket, the FBI isbeing mockedafter reports emerged that theshooter was flagged as a threat to them.

The motives of 21-year-old Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa, a Middle Eastern beneficiary of the refugee resettlement program, are still not totally clear.

Some are claiming he was an Islamic extremist, but his social media history suggests he was more so fixated on media-induced paranoia about white “racism” and consumed by anger at Americans who support immigration restrictions. All of Alissa’s victims were white. 

Boulder Attack Is Seventh High Profile Mass Shooting Where Attacker Was Known To FBI Beforehand – National Justice

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Racial Hypocrisy is the Name of the Game

Here’s Who Commit Mass Murders In The United States: Race Matters, But Not For Colorado Victims, They Were White

Why is not one talking about the fact that all of the victims in Colorado were white… and why does the media continue to perpetuate a lie about mass murders?

Answer: It screws up their false narrative and the current marxist agenda to disarm this country.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Trim the Upper Lip Followers of Allah…


So dudes with Shaved Mustaches with Beards are BAD, got it.

I don’t know about you, but my notebook is getting full with all these new 2021 rules.

I really miss the good ole days when the bad guys were a lot easier to spot.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


More Unreported Black on White Crime: Black Teen Travels to White Suburb for Mass Shooting

Black Teen Travels to White Suburb to Commit Mass Shooting, Mainstream Media Remains Silent


So tell me again how “Systemic White Supremacy” is the problem in American society again?

I think we need to add BLACK Active Shooters to the top of that list instead.

The marxist goons in D.C. are not interested in “solving” anything, they are only interested in destroying the white race and white culture through false narratives and propaganda.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.