ZEROHEDGE: ‘Mass Casualty Event’ Reported At Waukesha Christmas Parade After Car Plows Through Police Barricade, Shoots At Bystanders

Waukesha is 1 hour from Kenosha From Zerohedge: A reported mass casualty event has been reported at the Waukesha, WI Christmas parade, after a red SUV allegedly broke through the police line, plowed through pedestrians, and began firing round out of the window. It is unclear at this time how many people have been injured…

ZEROHEDGE: ‘Mass Casualty Event’ Reported At Waukesha Christmas Parade After Car Plows Through Police Barricade, Shoots At Bystanders — American Partisan

Halloween Tokyo Subway Attack by Knife Wielding Man dressed as “Joker”

Tokyo Subway Attack: 17 Injured, No Gun Needed


Once again proving Mental Illness does not need a GUN to wreak havoc, but if you want to STOP a knife wielding whacko, a GUN comes in real handy.

Texas News Update: ‘Bullying’ Played NO ROLE in Texas High School Shooting

‘Bullying’ Played NO ROLE in Timberview High School Shooting


Well what do you know the black kid was just a POS Drug Dealer thug and not a “victim of bullying.”

In my long experience folks, sterotypes with “people of color” are true 98.9% of the time.


Avoiding the ‘Fatal Funnel’

In a recent Police shooting in Houston, one officer was killed and another wounded while serving a drug warrant.

Both officers were standing in front of an open door to an apartment when the shooting began.

Tactically speaking you want to avoid standing in front of doors, open or closed.

Open doors silhouette your profile while closed doors give your position away to the bad guy.

It may sound basic but in a bad guy’s mind they have a 50/50 shot of hitting you if they shoot through the door after you knock on it and announce yourself! Which is why even today after knocking on a  door I stand to the side of it, regardless how nice a neighborhood!

Although it is beyond the scope of this article to dive into the modern fallacies of some modern CQB  dogma, the main issue for the armed citizen to remember with the fatal funnel is the following, taken from this article:

The original meaning of the ‘fatal funnel’ was a warning to ensure that you did not pause or remain in doorways or windows. It was to prevent silhouetting yourself there. Of course, when readying to prevent a room entry, the ‘bad guy’ will naturally set up to shoot towards natural entry points. So, rather than over-defining the ‘fatal funnel’, as the video says, it is more about enemy lines of fire, corners, and avoiding silhouetting yourself there. Don’t try and define the ‘funnel ‘ geographically and over complicate it, creating a whole bunch of stylized drills based on over-complicated assumptions about the fatal funnel.

Think it Through. Prepare Accordingly.

Texas News: Another Black Active Shooter? Looks like that “White Rage” Narrative is Crumbling, maybe “Black Rage” would be more appropriate?

Shooting suspect in custody after fight at Texas school injures four


From what I could gather from other sources this appears to have been a fight between SURPRISE two black males and then it escalated from there into gun violence.

My Thoughts and Prayers go out to the wounded victims.