Yeah, You Guessed It: The Wal-Mart Shooter was Black

Andre Bing, Walmart Shooter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


I am really getting sick of doing post with the title ANOTHER BLACK MASS SHOOTER?

Black Mass Shooters are no longer a “trend” they are a National Epidemic.

Prepare Accordingly.



Clown World Bulletin: The Colorado Gay “Mass Shooter” was the Grandson of a Republican!


It never fails.

Every time there is a shooting of some protected minority class like sodomites and tranny’s they immediately start trying to tie the shooter to the most evil force in the universe for purple-haired bathroom confused marxist: Straight White Male Conservatives in order that they might disarm the populace with further anti-2A, Unconstitutional Gun Legislation.

Grandfather of ‘Colorado gay bar mass-shooter’ is MAGA California lawmaker who hailed January 6 riots, as it’s claimed ‘killer’ evaded red flag law despite threatening mom with bomb


Have you ever seen a more anemic, weak attempt to tie two things together than this bullshit?

Brace Yourselves, because this is just the beginning.






ANOTHER Black Mass Shooter?

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OK, so now we are at EPIDEMIC Numbers in 2022 regarding the numbers of BLACK MASS ACTIVE SHOOTERS in this country which categorically disproves the implication by the Mumbler and Sniffer in Chief that “White Supremacy” is the biggest domestic terrorist threat in this country.

Out of 77 MASS SHOOTINGS with a Known Perpetrator, Blacks were responsible for 73% of them (65).

So Just to be Clear: Armed Black Men are the biggest domestic threat in this country according to the most recent Mass Shooter’s By Race: The Data, NOT WHITES or WHITE SUPREMACY.

In fact, Blacks are 26 more times likely to be a mass shooter than WHITES.

Word of Advice: Don’t Believe the Anti-White Propaganda, Believe the Math.

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly.



Mass Shooters by Race: The Data

Mass Shooters, by Race: the Data


Math and Statistics, unlike the MSM, does not lie.

Blacks are about twenty-six times more likely to be mass shooters, as compared with Whites.

While you are here, Check out the Twenty-Eight Black on White DEATHS that occurred in October that the MSM did not want you to know about.

The current anti-white agenda is built on nothing but lies.





*Another* Black Mass Shooter

Black St. Louis School Shooter’s Race Was Unspoken By MSM For Hours

Yeah leave it to the MSM like AP News to lead off with a headline like:

“School gunman had AR-15-style weapon, 600 rounds of ammo”

to clearly show their anti-gun, anti-white agenda and not the bigger problem at hand, an epidemic of  Black Violence.

While you’re waiting patiently to be told the most important fact about a shooting (the race of the shooter) remember that:

  1. If it was a white guy they would have told us (aka ”Coulter’s Law”).

  2. Most people who shoot up black schools are themselves black.

  3. Bad marksmanship is always an indication of a black shooter.

And if you think the race of the shooter is not the most important fact note how much the MSM pushes it when it’s a white guy, and how much they hate it being mentioned when the killer is black.