US rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend; 2 dead

US rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend; 2 dead


Here we go again with mass shootings with more people “injured” than dead.

Two of them in the state of South Carolina.

Care to guess the race of the shooter in each of these goat rodeos?

Well surprisingly AP gives us a VERY strong clue on one of them.

One of the Colombia South Carolina Mall Shooters was named “Jewayne”🤣

How many WHITE Irish Catholics or Protestants you know named Jewayne? 😒

Reading between the lines I am gonna go out on a limb here and say all three of these shootings were black gang related.

At first glance the Pittsburgh Shooting is not as clear cut as the other two.

Being it occurred in a AirBnB in the East Allegheny Neighborhood which was ranked the Fourth most Dangerous Neighborhood in Pittsburgh but has a demographic breakdown of roughly 70% White the clues are inconclusive, however, judging from the photographs from the scene which shows wild random bullet spraying and the fact that it was a large party where most of the party goers were under-age tells me this was also most likely some kind of black gang beef.

Again, the biggest tell-tale sign in all three of these shootings is the high ratio of Wounded to actual Fatalities.

Historically, that is the stamp of a Black Shooter.

After this bloody “Black” Easter weekend I think we can now officially put that “White Supremacy is the most Lethal threat to the Homeland Today” bullshit narrative to bed Joe.


Militant Black Crime

BROOKLYN SUBWAY mass shooter: As usual, Law Enforcement officials were quick to declare that it had “Nothing to do with terrorism”

I don’t know about you but I have had a hard time keeping up with all the Black Active Shooter incidents as of late.

The Waukesha Parade Massacre tops the list followed by the Attempted assassination of a mayoral candidate by a Louisville BLM activist.

Then last Month there was the “Hood-Nic” shooting outside Little Rock, Arkansas.

Then the major chimp-out gang shooting in Sacramento followed closely by the Shooting at a Dallas Concert.

And then Yesterday this Shooting in a New York Subway.

My God, this “White Supremacy is a major threat to the Homeland” Problem is just getting out of hand isn’t it Slo-Joe?

While the majority of black shootings have been “gang related”, this most recent shooting in New York is a clear cut case of a militant islamic leftist black nationalist going on a anti-white rampage, but I doubt you will hear anything about that on MSM.

Bottom line, expect more of this kind of thing.

It’s just another tool in the current administration’s war on WHITENESS.



Texas News: Black on Black Mass Shooting At Concert Leaves 1 Dead and 11 Injured in Dallas

1 Killed, at Least 16 Injured in Mass Shooting at Dallas Concert Venue


Another Full Blown Chimp-Out has occurred in Dallas.

While the MSM was hoping you would forget about the last Black on Black Shooting in Sacramento, another one occurred in Dallas.

From the promotional flyer below it looks like it was your standard issue gathering of ghetto chimp felon’s from every shithole in America.


Dindu’s have a tendency to start killing each other anytime they gather in public in large groups it seems.


Remember “HOOD-NIC” the Arkansas Car Show last month where 1 person was killed and a whopping 27 wounded?

Vdare offers some good advice in navigating the latest rash of Chimp Outs:

So here’s a handy rule of thumb when you hear about the next mass shooting and find the press being coy about who did it and why: If the shooters exhibit bad aim (substantially worse than 1 killed for every 3 wounded) then they are Black gangsters settling a score. If they exhibit passable aim (around one fatality for each wounded survivor, or perhaps a little worse) then they are “Irish” [This a joke, he means Muslims.] “freedom fighters” who have likely pledged allegiance to the “Irish State.” Unless the victims are cops; then a perpetrator with passable aim will likely be a Black man with military training (see Dallas and Baton Rouge).

Arm Up, Stay Away from Crowds and Prepare Accordingly.


Black Gang Bangers Kill Six in Sacramento Mass Shooting

‘Gunman’, 26, suspected of carrying out Sacramento shooting that killed six as final victims are named as homeless woman, 57, who slept on nearby street and much-loved only child, 32


In 2022 one of the sure fire ways you can tell if Blacks or Browns are behind a Mass Shooting is the MSM goes on silent mode.

If Whites had been responsible for this shooting, it is all you would have heard about for the last few days.

I mean one look at the above mug shot of Tyrone and the “White Supremacy is our Biggest Threat” narrative folds up like a cheap lawn chair.

The Federal Government is not interested in reality, they are interested in their Anti-White agenda.

White Armed Citizens need to step up and address the Elephant (or should I say Gorilla?) in the room when it comes to Black Active Shooters and the rampant rise of Black Crime in this Country that get’s conveniently swept under the rug.

Oh Yeah, and in case you missed it California Lib-turds in Sacramento: Gun Control does not stop criminals, it only hurts law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves.

If you truly care about the Safety of your Citizens, join the Twenty-Five other States and Pass Constitutional Carry.



Don’t Forget to Drill on Head Shot’s


Every time I see a hostage situation video and the end result is the bad guy getting a free lobotomy (as above) I am reminded of the Practicality of Drilling for such an event with both my pistol and rifle.

Why? Because when seconds count, the Cops are an hour away.

Don’t depend on somebody else to save your life or the life of your loved ones.

Train, Train and Train Some More!

A better and more specific term for the “Head Shot” would be the “Cranial T.”

Imagine drawing a uppercase T on the bad guy’s face starting at the eyes, not the forehead. Why?

The below picture is of a POS who took a 9mm MP-5 round to the forehead.


Two inches lower and it would have been light’s out for the Missing Link.

This article from SOFREP “Heads are Harder than you Think” explains things perfectly.

Bottom Line: Drill on taking these kind of shots regularly from various ranges with both handgun and rifle.

Because there is nobody coming to save you.

Prepare Accordingly.

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