A School In Florida Is Not Messing Around When It Comes To Security

Makes a helluva lot more sense than fantasy Gun Free Zones!!

Let’s stop gambling with our kids lives and GET REAL ABOUT SCHOOL SECURITY.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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A School In Florida Is Not Messing Around When It Comes To Security
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Accusation and Not Due Process: How #METOO Paved the Way for Red Flag Laws

I have always been a big fan of Steven Crowder, not only because I like the guy’s Politics but also because I think he is one of those unique comics that can take complex political and social issues and break them down in short comedic and hilarious skits that the general public can understand.

This one entitled “To KIll a #METOO Bird” is about how the #METOO movement coerced public perception, and Legal Opinion, away from DUE PROCESS to a lone woman’s accusation of rape or sexual assault being sufficient to take away a man’s freedom, assassinate his character and destroy his livelihood.

Due Process (which is guaranteed in the Fifth Amendment) is not that complex of a legal concept to understand.

It simply means EVERY PERSON accused of a crime has the RIGHT to a certain, prescribed order of legal processes. The belief that a Person is PRESUMED innocent until PROVEN Guilty is in fact, the BEDROCK of the U.S. Justice System!

So where did it all start to go wrong? When and where did the legal system begin to fail in their mandate to uphold DUE PROCESS and how was the public bamboozled to believe this was for the “common good?”

Like all lies, it had it’s beginnings with a legitimate problem that was manipulated into a Political Weapon by the left. The “#METOO scare” bombarded the public via the MSM with dozens of accusations from women claiming some type of sexual assault or rape. In most cases, these ACCUSATIONS were the only evidence against the accused.

Proponents of #METOO, including Hollywood elitist and Weinstein flunkie Meryl Streep and failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were quick to bolster this dangerous ideal claiming “Every WOMAN Should be believed when it comes to Accusations of Sexual Assault or Rape.”

Notice the ideal for this rest not in the CHARACTER of the person but purely in their SEX. Simply because they are WOMEN they should be believed. It’s an absurd principle but you would be surprised how many people swallowed it hook line and sinker.

This left wing psy-op had it’s culmination with the Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings which contrary to popular belief, was not a legal trial, but a Senate hearing to investigate claims of wrongdoing. It eventually turned into exactly what the left intended: a Court of Public Opinion to assassinate the character of Conservative Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and consequently knock him out of consideration for the post. Not surprisingly, the ploy failed, but the damage was done.

So Fast Forward a few years and now Mass Shootings suddenly become the new media circus and the justification for the left (and elements of the right) to once again go after the Second Amendment. As is always the case, when these tragedies occur, politicians start talking about how we need more “gun control” laws when the obvious fact that CRIMINALS don’t obey laws in the first place flies right over their head. The most sinister of these proposed laws are RED FLAG LAWS or ERPO’s (Emergency Risk Protection Orders)

Why are Red Flag Laws Dangerous? Because just like the #METOO debacle, a person’s life and livelihood and not to mention Constitutional Rights can be trampled over with a mere ACCUSATION. That’s right. When a ERPO is filed, a person “petitions” the Court (ie fills out a Government form) and then Law Enforcement are bound to investigate the petition. Police then come to the person’s home and confiscate EVERY firearm they own BEFORE they have a chance to answer any questions about these accusations before a Judge!

And if you think this process sounds outrageous, our own President (supposedly our “Second Amendment President”) stands behind this unconstitutional premise! 

The real danger in all of this lies in the fact that ERPO’s are being touted by those on both the Left and the Right as “Common Sense Gun Legislation.” So violating a person’s Constitutional Rights (Their 2nd, Fourth and Fifth to be exact) is now a Common Sense way to Stop Gun Violence?

Do you see where this is going folks? You have to remember every Totalitarian Regime that has ever existed DISARMED the populace FIRST and in most cases the way they did this was by CHANGING the “LAWS” to suit their agenda and aim.

Red Flag Gun Laws are not only Unconstitutional, they are UNAMERICAN in every way.

Our Legal system is BUILT upon the premise of DUE PROCESS and having the RIGHT to Face and Question our accusers. If all of that is boiled down to just a mere ACCUSATION, then we as a country have decided in an instant to throw out 200+ years of bloodshed and sacrifice by our forefathers in exchange for “Public Safety?”

I think Benjamin Franklin said it best:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Philadelphia: Maurice Hill, who wounded six cops in shootout, is devout Muslim who attended jihadi mosque

Wow, it appears this “Mass Shooter” is Black and Muslim? Say it ain’t so! Lib-turds heads are exploding all over the world right now.😂🖕

You can see from the impressive zebiba on Maurice Hill’s forehead that he is a devout Muslim; the zebiba is a bruise that forms from the fact that Muslims in their five daily prayers perform numerous prostrations, pressing their foreheads to the ground. The zebiba is seen as a mark of intense piety. That in…

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Why Wasn’t Alleged Philadelphia Shooter’s Picture Plastered on CNN this Morning?

Answer: When something doesn’t fit the MSM agenda, like the shooter being as BLACK as the Ace of Spades and a muslim they ignore it, hoping the sheeple will as well. Don’t.

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Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

Philadelphia shooter Maurice Hill, 36, had a long history of gun convictions.

I said I would write about American criminals from time to time, and I’ve told you that I watch CNNthe first thing every morning as a way of seeing where the Leftwingers/Progressives are going on any given day.

Today, at CNN, the morning anchors were talking their viewers into thinking a Trump-induced recession was upon us, but they also reported on the gun violence in the Democrat-run city of Philadelphia.

They did report that the shooter, who wounded six police officers when officers came to serve a warrant on the man who ultimately opened fire, and said the shooter had a veritable arsenal of weapons and ammunition. But, I didn’t hear them mention his name, only that he was taken into custody.

Maurice Hill, we learn here at the Philadelphia Inquirer had a long criminal history.

(See that

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San Antonio ICE Office Attacked — American Partisan

So Once again Violent Leftist with Guns attack an ICE Facility.

Let’s see the MSM and the Left explain this one away on how Guns are the problem.

As reported by Breitbart, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility was attacked by a gunman yesterday afternoon. This latest move follows a pattern of escalating violence, shifting from mostly vocal protests to direct action. The last attack on an ICE facility, from self-described Anarchist and John Brown Gun Club member Willem Van Spronsen, firebombed…

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Refining the Mozambique for the 21st Century

While training the other day I put in 20 rounds on the tried and true Mozambique or “Failure to Stop” Drill.

After I ran through the drill once I realized something: I had trained myself to PAUSE between the transition from the two shots to Center of Mass to the shot to the Cranial T (Head) Why?

When this drill first came on the scene back in the day via Jeff Cooper, it was being taught primarily to Federal Law Enforcement who, in turn, after a while, begin to teach it to Armed civilians. The drills’ origins centered around an armed suspect who was HIGH on drugs not going down immediately after being shot twice in the Center of Mass. Therefore, putting a shot through the brain stem and severing all motor functions was necessary.

The “Pause” between the transition shot from the body to the head was mainly a Force Continuum/Use of Lethal Force aspect Cops were being trained to follow. “Use only the LEAST Amount of Force necessary to subdue the suspect” or, in other words, don’t shoot the son of a bitch in the head if you don’t have to.


Fast forward to the 21st Century and we now have Criminals like the Dallas mass shooter Brian Isaack Clyde and the Ohio Mass Shooter Connor Betts just to name a couple suited up with body armor making the Mozambique/Failure to Stop more of a necessary skill than ever before for BOTH Law Enforcement and the Armed Citizen.


Bottom Line: Training to give the shooter ANY advantage in the fight is STUPID, even if that advantage is a one to two second pause in our cadence of fire.

Therefore, eliminating the “Pause” between the transition from the body to the head in this drill is a practical refinement we all need to adopt when running it.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

How does one man kill 20 people and wound another 30 people with a single magazine that only holds 30 rounds? The surveillance photo shows no chest rig, no battle belt and no spare magazines. The post Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting appeared…

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