In Memoriam

Robert Forster




One of the great actors of our time has passed away.

I always liked the down to earth, no-nonsense roles he played. R.I.P.



Something to Consider…

There is a lot of that going around Lindsey in case you have not heard…..There is this thing called RED FLAG LAWS where you can take away Somebody’s FIREARMS Based purely on hearsay, so how about we do something about that First?




Whistleblowers, Red Flag Laws and Due Process

Trump Gets Burned By Anonymous Whistleblower in Firearms-Red-Flag Style Complaint


The Marxist Trend of “Guilty until Proven Innocent” that began with social justice movements like ME-TOO have now slimed their way into every aspect of our so-called legal system.

As it has been stated many times before. The 2nd Amendment ENSURES and PROTECTS all of your OTHER RIGHTS, including Due Process (Fifth Amendment) without it you are a SUBJECT, aka a Helpless, Unarmed Mark.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Red Pill on Racial Violence in America

2018 Bureau of Justice Stats: Blacks Committed 90% of Violent Felonies Between Blacks & Whites

Enough of the Bullshit.

Gear Up and Keep your Powder Dry.

Racial Violence is Back with a Vengeance.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous.