Training Ledger Notes


I was sorting through some of my old Training Ledger Notes from Past Years in preparation for my 2023 Training Goals and came across some things I thought might be of value to some of you.

In no particular order:


Fundamentals to Consider:


  • Train How You Live (Clothes, Gear and Gun)

  • Wear Darker Colors. Lighter Colors silhouette your profile.

  • Hard Focus on ECQ Shooting (>5 Ft.)

  • 70%/30%  Dry to Live Fire Ratio

  • Displacement Trumps Marksmanship in a Gun Fight. Integrate Move and Shoot Drills

  • Never Move Faster than you can Shoot

  • Combat Accuracy: Focus on Pumphouse (center of mass) or Computer (cranial T) Hits

  •  Integrate Discretionary Shooting/Cognitive Stress Drills

  • Ambidextrous Weapon Handling. There is no “Strong” or “Weak” Side when you have trained on both

  • Smooth is Fast/Speed is the Economy of Motion

  • Eliminate ALL un-needed movement and “jerkiness” in weapon handling and presentation

  • Always Maximize Use of Cover and Minimize Exposure in a gunfight

The 4 D’s of Combat:

DIVIDE attacker’s Focus

DISRUPT his path

DISABLE his body

DESTROY his will to fight


3 S’s of Proper Firearms Training:






TIRR Malfunction Clear Drill for Pistol:


*Bring Weapon into Compressed High ready Position to chest.


TAP: Ensure Magazine is Seated.

INVERT: Turn gun upside down.

RACK slide in slingshot fashion to eject problem

READY Press the Trigger!

*If you hear a Click instead of a Bang, Rinse and Repeat!