Let’s Be Clear: We Have a Black-Gun Murder Epidemic in this Country not a “Gun Violence” Problem

Shock Videos: Brutal Executions on Streets of Philadelphia


In a previous post of mine If the Shoe Fit’s Steve Sailer pointed out a glaring TRUTH that the MSM seems to conveniently want to forget:

Blacks Made Up 60.4% Of Known Murder Offenders In 2021

And as Arthur Sido pointed out in his recent article, like all Crime Stats this number is only for REPORTED cases, so the REAL number is actually MUCH HIGHER.

I hold to the position that this entire Urban Black Crime Wave we are seeing right now was engineered and implemented over a decade ago during the obama reign with funding and influence provided by Darth Sidious himself, George Soros.

The correlation between these Soros backed far-left DA’s and Judges and their piss-poor crime stats (including the outrageous Bail Conditions for Murderers) that follow them are indisputable proof that this is nothing short of a planned demolition of America proper.

Welcome to FUSA.

Prepare Accordingly.