Crime Awareness: Strategies That Burglars Use To Case Rural Houses

Strategies That Burglars Use To Case Rural Houses


Having lived in a rural area most of my life I can tell you from experience the Top 3 “excuses” burglars who are “casing” homes give when confronted by home owners or Law Enforcement:

  • Lost

  • Fake Door to Door Salesman

  • House Hunting (Although there are no Real Estate Listings in the area)

The most important thing you can do as a home owner for people you think are “Casing” your house is to make sure THEY know you are AWARE of their presence and are PREPARED to Act!

If a vehicle comes on my property unannounced, I always take a picture of their license plate and approach them ARMED, without exception!

Nothing says “Welcome” to would-be criminals than a pissed off middle aged redneck approaching them with an AK-47 while Dueling Banjo’s plays in the background I assure you. 😂