On Weapon-Mounted Lasers Part I

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Night vision devices (NVDs) are game-changing pieces of kit. The ability to see in very low light situations is invaluable, but the military discovered that it is almost impossible for troops to use their weapon sights while wearing NVDs. This is when weapon-mounted lasers came into being. We’ve come a long way since the PEQ-2 and iron sights, and we are seeing a shift in doctrine regarding how we fight in the dark. Today I will briefly discuss weapon-mounted lasers and how to use/zero them. Part II will cover tactical employment on the modern battlefield.

Intro to Weapon-Mounted Lasers

The whole point of weapon-mounted lasers is to enable aiming through NVDs. The basic principle is to shoulder a weapon, place the laser dot/beam on the target, and fire. Most laser units come with two lasers; a visible red or green laser, and an infrared (IR) laser that is only visible…

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